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TWITL – week three – before the rain

Today is William Gregory Lee’s birthday and on this day in 1999, I took that picture with Ryan Gosling, Dean O’Gorman, and Joel Tobeck! You can read about it here. Still one of my most favorite memories and definitely one of my favorite convention moments. It was only missing Chris Conrad but at least I met him the day the day before during the autograph line.

the moment captured and now on a popsocket…

It still boggles my mind when I realize that the photo above was taken in 1999. It doesn’t seem that long ago. I can still remember that day and that moment with Dean, Ryan, and Joe. The photo is still one of my most favorite pictures. It was the beginning of my affection for Ryan Gosling. How is it that more years have passed since that moment than his age at the time? Does that make sense? Again, boggled.

this shot is 20 years old!
And same shot once more…

I actually watched a lot of the inauguration on Wednesday. It was a good way to start the day. Probably my favorite moment (besides the oaths sworn by President Biden and Vice President Harris) was Amanda Gorman and the reading of her poem. She was so inspiring…

The weather is taking that turn back into winter mode. We had a bit of rain at the end of the week and the upcoming week is supposed to be rather stormy. I don’t mind too much. We need the rain and it would be nice to have the air clear up a bit.

first pattern of 2021
first pattern of 2021

My fangirl IG posting has SLOWED DOWN a lot. And, as you can see from the above shot, I’ve gone back to Simon Kassianides for some reason. Well, I know the reason (hello, still fangirl giddy over that Cameo) but that doesn’t explain not posting at least Hemsworth, eh? I haven’t even posted on my joint Besotted by Chris fan account in awhile, which makes me super neglectful. Yikes! I’ve also been posting Simon because he’s the main male character in my current story, which is still in the “vignette” stage. The story is slow going as well. Maybe this time of year is just slow going for me on the creative side.

night sky

I am really enjoying my new phone and its capabilities. I’m learning how to edit RAW photos. I’m editing on my phone because I’m not that fancy but it’s still fun.

A good week to all of you! Wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep your distance!