TWITL – week two – pretend it’s spring

The weather has warmed up a bit, at least during the day time. Nights are still chilly but the days have hit the 70s. It won’t last long but it does feel rather lovely.

sitting outside during my lunch break

I even ate lunch outside a couple of times this week for my lunch break. It was great being out in the sunshine. I also didn’t have to worry about putting my mask back on when I was finished eating since there was no one around me.

This is the way

My new t-shirt arrived this week! Yes, a t-shirt of characters from The Mandalorian. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you why I bought the shirt but in case you’re new here, I couldn’t resist buying a shirt with Simon Kassianides’ face on it. I’m always wary of buying t-shirts, especially t-shirts for women but I chose well in this case as it fits as it should. Yah!

on the road

We took the Edge out yesterday (Saturday) a for drive and some shopping! We headed up to Vacaville and the Outlets. Of course, it wasn’t as busy with people as it could be. Everyone was masked and keeping their distance. It was nice to be able to walk around somewhere other than here around town and it was great to actually do some shopping. There’s something satisfying about seeing something in a store and touching it and then buying it.

All the stores we entered made sure everyone had their masks on (I didn’t see anyone without a mask enter any of the stores) and there was plenty of hand sanitizer at all the stores. We only had to stand in line at one place (Coach) and we were in that line so long that I felt like I had to buy something once I finally in the store. It took me awhile but we did find me a couple of things.

I wore my Nite Owls t-shirt and had a couple of people comment on it. One of them even said, “This is the way.” Yes, yes it is. Yes, I’m still a fangirl nerd even at my age. Other than the picture of myself in the Nite Owls shirt, I didn’t take any pictures at the outlets. Ah well!

along Hawkins Road

It really is a lovely drive to and from Vacaville. Mostly two lane roads and the view was so open. We had blue skies, green land, and even a bit of water to see along the way. We definitely chose a good day to get out of the house.

It’s a long weekend so I’m off tomorrow (Monday). Looks like another warm day is in the works then the temperatures will go down again. Maybe this mean I’ll be able to wear my new sweater later this week.

Wear a mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands!