TWITL – week five – cold but sunny winter days

Well, it’s cold for us. Cold enough for sweaters and boots, jackets in the morning, heater on at night. I don’t mind this kind of cold. It’s a great time for snuggling. The sun has been shining so it hasn’t been gloomy or the like.

ahs class of '89
Happy Birthday, Debbie!

As I write, it’s the birthday of one of dearest friends, Debbie. We are pictured above in a picture taken after our 20 year high school reunion. It’s a proper selfie, taken with a digital camera, which explains the blurriness and lack of centering. Also, it was a bit late that night so there you go. I hope she’s having a fabulous day.

waning moon

Transfers request collection began on Monday. I made the form available online before going in to work and lo, I already had a form scanned and emailed back to me before I left the house. Good thing I didn’t activate the forms the night before because I would have had to have been a by-the-book gal. As it is, someone filled out the wrong form and mailed it to us so that it would arrive February 1st. But since it’s the wrong form, dated BEFORE we could take it, I had to send a message back to let them know I can’t take the form. Haven’t heard back. Wonder if they mailed out a new form or if I’m going to have to actually call them to let them know. It would be so much easier on them and me if they read the actual directions and the form… So my workdays this past week were filled with lots of logging of the transfer requests. I have the process down for the most part and it really helps the the front building receptionist/secretary knows the basics about it as well because I’m not getting a lot of walk-ins, which is great, especially in this time of pandemic…

I made the mistake of watching a video on YouTube of an actor talking about the state of things from his perspective. He’s conservative (nothing wrong with that) and he espoused that he believes in border control, that everyone in this country should have health insurance, and some other stuff. Then he makes this analogy that if you have the ball and you don’t have people on you, then you’re not good with the ball. He equates this with how everyone is trying to impeach a private citizen, saying that if 45 wasn’t “good with the ball” then they wouldn’t be after him. Then he seemed to hint that he believes the election was stolen, saying that if you weren’t caught for stealing, that still makes you a thief. I didn’t finish the video because as much as I wanted to listen to his calm reasoning of his beliefs, I couldn’t fathom that he sincerely and truly believes that someone like me, someone who voted, somehow cheated or “stole” the election from the other party. I’m sure he thinks that what, everyone on the “other” side was somehow brainwashed? I don’t know. It just made me sad and so disappointed.

I usually listen to Beau on Instagram but after stopping that actor’s video (and deleting it from my history but I don’t want more things like that cropping up in my suggestions), I saw a new video from Beau that piqued my interest. This one is timely as it is Black History Month. I want to say I can’t believe that parents are pulling their kids out of Black History curriculum but I do believe it. Again, so disappointing. But I do like how Beau breaks it down…


The Little Things (HBO Max) – Good movie with good performances. It’s one of those movies that feels ambiguous even though the plot is mostly straight forward. I feel like I missed something somewhere but I don’t want to re-watch it. Would I recommend it? Well, the lead actors did a good job so if you’re a fan of theirs, give it a go.

WandaVision (Disney+) – Just WOW. No spoilers. If you stopped watching the show after the first or second episode, go back and watch the rest. After I watched this week’s episode (I went home for lunch on Friday so that I could watch it), I went on a YouTube binge of watching recap and Easter eggs on the episode. Love all the theories out there. I wonder which will pan out…

His Dark Materials (HBO Max) – I watched the first episode and I don’t now if I want to watch more. I feel like I should since I know it’s only a three season show…

old school fangirling
pop tops for my popsocket

Short thoughts, bullet style

  • My friend’s brother died this week. She just posted about it today. So sad…
  • Today is the Super Bowl. Will I finish this before I actually sit down and watch it? (The answer – probably not.)
  • My writing is seriously stalled. I think it’s the time of year but who the hell knows. I try to write everyday though!
  • Personnel changes at work. Very surprising!
  • And yes, didn’t finish this before the Super Bowl. The game was a bit boring to me. Tampa Bay won. I changed the channel once the game ended.
  • I’ve slowed down on my fangirling. Perhaps that’s not a bad thing though I should probably post to the Chris sites soon. How can I neglect the Chrises?
when it's 11:11
my watch face at 11:11

And that’s my week and weekend! Stay safe– wear your mask, wash your hands, keep your distance. Do that and we can all hug sooner rather than later.