TWITL – week eleven – springtime beginnings

And just like that, it’s now spring! It’s been a bit chilly in the mornings but the afternoons are warming up and it looks like it’ll be getting warmer in the coming days. I still don’t know if I’m ready for it. Alas.

CPN chat Saturday night

The Cuddle Puddle Nation had another Zoom chat this past weekend. How much do I LOVE chatting with these ladies? SO MUCH. Not everyone is pictured but I couldn’t help sharing this one because I have Simon Kassianides in my background and my friend Rachel has Chris Evans looking like he’s about to take a bite (which I think she wouldn’t mind). I drank a stout during the chat so I was pretty much relaxed throughout the night. Love love love our Zoom meetings and I am so glad we’re keeping up. The chats bring me joy…


the Snyder Cut

Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Let me start this by saying I was always going to love this movie but even I’m surprised by how much I love this movie. Is it long? Yes. Does it feel long? Yes, but in that utterly satisfying way. Is the 4:3 aspect ratio jarring? In the beginning, yes. Will I watch it again? YES.

Four hours is a long runtime for a movie and yes, it felt long only in the sense of truly relishing the story. It flows well, it looks great, and it’s not clunky to me. It makes sense and it’s such a richer story compared to the theatrical version. I’m glad that I didn’t try watching the theatrical version before this one because in my heart, the Snyder Cut is the true version of the movie.

It sort of hurts to say this because I was against his casting as Bruce Wayne/Batman, but Ben Affleck’s performance in the Snyder Cut has made me grudgingly accept his version of the Caped Crusader. I didn’t like him in Batman v Superman and I didn’t care for him in the theatrical version of Justice League but this time, I understood him better. All the main characters benefitted from more backstory and Batman was one of them. I’d *almost* not mind seeing him in his own movie. ALMOST.

the Snyder Cut

Even though Superman still has a smaller part than the rest of the characters, even he felt more filled out in the Snyder Cut. We see him awaken and lash out (as in the theatrical version) but we also get see him come to terms with himself and what he’s meant to do. I really hope we get another standalone Superman movie with Henry Cavill because it would be a very good thing.

the Snyder Cut

Victor Stone/Cyborg’s storyline was the most satisfying and part of the reason the whole movie makes more sense. How could they have cut so much of his background for the theatrical version? It’s a travesty and I’m glad it was rectified in the Snyder Cut.

I would definitely recommend watching it. I’m sure there will be the haters out there (because apparently you can’t like Marvel and DC at the same time?) but if you go into it with an open heart, I think it’s worth the four hours.

The Outsiders – I pressed play on this on my day off and lo, it still holds up. And I must have watched it A LOT when I was younger (though I’m not sure how because I don’t think I own it other than via the digital copy I recently bought) because I remembered so much of it from lines and different beats in the story. The Complete Novel version of the movie is on sale at Vudu and I’m SO TEMPTED to buy it even though I already have the theatrical version. Someone stop me?


It’s Spring Break! Hence why this will be posting on Monday instead of Sunday. I’m only working three days this week. Two long weekends is always a good thing, don’t you think?

loved all these reads...

I read all those books in that screenshot in one week and I loved them all. I have another one of Nalini Singh’s books on hold. After I read that one, I will likely plunge into her other series, which look to have a more supernatural angle. We shall see.

I booked an appointment for my next tattoo! I AM SO EXCITED. I am finally getting my owl!

My appointment for the second dose of the vaccine is next week. I’ll be so glad when that’s done.

A good week to you all! Wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep your distance so we can all laugh and hug together sooner rather than later…

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