TWITL – week nine – here we are in March

I don’t know what happened to me but I’ve grown to like winter. Well, our version of winter. It never seems to last long enough these days. Our winters are cold and sometimes rainy but it seems the rain doesn’t visit us often enough and the cold days give way to mild days too soon. (Of course, I say that when we have a couple of days of rain perhaps on the way as well as cooler temperatures.) Maybe I just wish our mild winters also meant mild summers…

First dose of the vaccine down! I was able to make my appointment online and Sunday was the day for dose one. I got the Pfizer one and so far it’s just a bit of a sore upper arm (but it’s only been an hour as I write this). I’m so glad that I was in the next pool of those eligible for the vaccine. I’m still going to wear my mask and social distance and wash my hands, of course, but this does relieve some stress.

Birthday boy

Today’s the husband’s birthday! Our friends threw him a little surprise get together after golf yesterday. It was a lovely little group and we were outside enjoying good food and good company.

good cake
yummy cake


WandaVision – (Disney+) – “The Series Finale” – So good! I really loved the whole series. No spoilers! Go watch it.


Coming 2 America – SO GOOD! If you’ve watched Coming to America as many times over the years as I have, it’s sort of seeped into the soul. The sequel was so entertaining. So many laughs! I really enjoyed it all. Wesley Snipes was so over the top FUN and Leslie Jones was a freakin’ HOOT!!! I can see myself watching that movie over and over.

a warm fire