TWITL – week fourteen – a new tattoo and other musings

My new tattoo is now upon me! This one took a little over an hour and oddly enough didn’t seem to hurt as much as my last tattoo. Is it because we chatted while he was working? Was it because my body knew what to expect? Perhaps it was the artist’s touch? Right now it’s protected by an adhesive so the only picture I have of it is the one the artist took before the adhesive.

the new tattoo

The owl represents wisdom and knowledge, as per the Greek goddess Athena. My nieces’ names are part of the infinity loop because I love them and hope that knowledge and wisdom always guide them.

I had the tattoo done at Studio 71 Tattoo here in Brentwood by Ricky Gibbs. Love the shop and I would go back to Ricky for my next tattoo for sure.

We had a good Saturday. The husband finally got a hair cut then we headed out to Bass Pro Shop for a bit of shopping. It was lovely to be out and about. It was almost normal except that everyone was wearing masks. We bought some stuff at the store then went to Tracy for some Arby’s. I wish we had an Arby’s here.

I am now fully vaccinated! I’m so glad. I’m still wearing my mask, washing my hands, and mostly keeping my distance. I think that wearing a mask in public will stay with me, especially going to places like the grocery store and the like. Plus I have some cool face masks and why wouldn’t I want to use them?


The Nevers – (HBO Max) – I’m dutifully intrigued by this show. The pilot episode was interesting and entertaining.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – (Disney+) – This week’s episode certainly ramped up the action. I want someone to punch the guy who’s currently misusing that shield. He’s travesty to the legacy and he’d better get his because he’s infuriating. I’m definitely enjoying the show a lot and I’ll probably be sad when it’s over.

Godzilla vs Kong – I think I didn’t enjoy this movie as much as the previous ones but it was certainly an entertaining spectacle. I was cheering for the “monsters” because some of the humans were just awful. It was predictable but a fun watch.


I’ve been re-reading my old stories. Why do I have so many unfinished stories? I feel like I should finish some of them because they’re not that bad. Maybe I wouldn’t mind other people reading them but really, I like reading them for myself. Writing keeps me tethered even if I am in my head for a lot of it.

I like this t-shirt of mine

Wear your mask, wash your hands, and keep your distance. Get the vaccine when it’s your turn and we can all start hugging each other again!