TWITL – week eighteen – so much warm sunshine

Why does it feel like spring doesn’t last as long as it should out this way? I would love two weeks straight of temperatures in the 70s. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is because these days are in the 80s or even warmer. Alas!

The work week after my birthday was only four days but it sort of didn’t really feel like it. And then the weekend just seemed to zip on by and here I am, writing on a Monday when this post should have gone up yesterday.


The Nevers – (HBO Max) – I am so digging this show and the twist at the end of this week’s episodes was FANTASTIC. I love how I didn’t figure it out until the shoe dropped. Ha! A very intriguing show well worth the watch. I personally love all the fantastical stuff. Just two more episodes!

Jupiter’s Legacy – (Netflix) – We started binge watching this one last night (one of the reasons I didn’t get this post up). Super interesting and obviously we’re hooked because I think we watched three episodes already.

Prodigal Son – (FOX) – We have enjoyed this show so much and I just found out that it’s not getting a second season. Why do we keep watching these shows on FOX when they end up getting cancelled? I hope it doesn’t end on a crazy cliffhanger.


Foundation – Isaac Asimov – I finished this book last week. Part of me was wondering what the heck I’m reading but most of me appreciated the short story format. I think it helped me to get into the world a bit, even it was just short glimpses over time.

New boots!

new boots

So a few months ago, Boot Barn was having a sale on boots and these super cute boots were part of that sale. The hubby ordered them to my delight and so I waited patiently for them. They shipped rather quickly but somewhere between UPS and the post office, they were “lost.” UPS showed that they transferred them over to the post office but the post office only ever showed that they were expecting them. In the end, Boot Barn gave us the refund and those super cool boots were lost.

About a month or so ago, I was lollygagging online and did a search on the boots and lo, found them on Amazon! They cost more, of course, but they weren’t too outrageous. I wanted them but I didn’t just buy them. No, I slipped them on to my wishlist and waited for an opportune moment.

I ordered the boots a few days before my birthday! I tracked them, a little nervous that they were shipping through UPS but would be delivered by the post office. Friday was a little nerve-wracking as UPS showed the boots going out and the post office showed they were waiting for it. By the afternoon, however, the boots were finally scanned in at the post office with delivery to happen the next day. And yes, the boots were delivered on Saturday. Whew!

so green
breaking in the new boots

The trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage is out! I’m excited! I will see this in the theatre, of course. How could I not?

Be well everyone! Wear your mask, wash your hands, keep your distance, and get that vaccine when it’s your turn. Then we can hug next time we meet!