TWITL – week twenty – I’m not giving up my @

It’s first come, first served when it comes from your profile names on social media. Everyone knows that, right? So why do people think they can ask or demand or give a sad story for the name you chose as your profile name? I don’t go around contacting all the people who have “Valerie” as their profile name so why do people keep contacting me for “Kiari?” Kiari has been my name since 1997 and it’s the first name I try (after Valerie) when signing up for something new. So no, I’m not going to give it up. I’m not going to give it up to a person who hasn’t been alive as long as I’ve had the name. I’m not going to give it up to an “influencer” who didn’t have the foresight to snag the name early in whatever service. It’s funny how these people want the IG name but no one wants to put up actual money for the domain name.

Just a thought.

farmers market
Farmers Market

I’ve noticed that a few of my recent stories include a jaunt to the farmers market. I don’t know what it is but whenever we’re there, sitting down somewhere after buying some kettle corn or croissants or donuts and having a drink, I feel this contentment. I always think, “This is the life.” Because it is the life. Just sitting there, sipping my mimosa while sitting with my one and only, it’s a moment to live and be glad. And I am.

I can only hope


Buy Dirt – Jordan Davis (EP) – Go buy Jordan’s new EP! I’m digging all the songs. Besides the ones already release, I like the title track “Buy Dirt” as well as “Drink Had Me.”

“I Was On A Boat That Day” – Old Dominion (single) – I bought this song without listening to it. It’s a fun song! Maybe a little silly but I like it. I always like their stuff.

“Figured Out” – Lacy Cavalier (single) – Lacy is an artist that I have been supporting for awhile and her music rarely disappoints. She has a good one with this song but if you can, you should listen to her other stuff too. She is so talented and she really puts her heart out there in her music.

sunshine in a blossom

Wear your mask where you should, wash your hands more than you think you should, keep your distance especially amongst strangers, and get the vaccine…