TWITL – week twenty-five – looking back ever with fondness

An elementary school and high school classmate of mine, Kyle Seipel, died on Monday, June 21st. I found out a couple of days later while scrolling through Facebook. Here was someone I’d known since at least the fourth grade (maybe third?) and he was gone from the world.

Most of my memories of Kyle are fleeting and come from our elementary school days. I remember watching him write and being curious that he was left handed. I remember his smile. I remember his hazel eyes. I remember that he was easy to be around and always friendly. When high school rolled around, we hung out in different circles. I probably have more memories of his wife Dana than him. I think he might have known my neighbor Richie because they both raced.

ahs class of '89

The last time I saw Kyle was at our twenty year high school reunion. We took that picture together and we might have chatted a bit. He and his wife looked happy and healthy and it was a wonderful time seeing him and a lot of our classmates.

I didn’t know much about his life as an adult, only things I’d read here and there. When he shared part of the journey of his cancer, he was always hopeful and determined. I like to think even as he went through treatment, he kept his spirits high. After his death, I found some articles about him. They were comforting to read and I was glad to see him through other people’s eyes.

Journey well into the next, Kyle. I will remember you with a smile…