TWITL – week twenty-two – creative limbo

I started writing a story (even though I have at least two other stories that need some attention) from a scene that came in strong (and had no place in other stories I’d already started). I’m in the outlining stage and writing random chapters to get to know the characters. I thought it would be more of a short story or novella but the characters have other ideas.

I had a particular muse in mind but he didn’t match the character I had in mind (I wanted to write within a universe I had already created) so I conjured a new character for this story. And it was fine for the past month or so I’ve been writing. Then boom, I realized who could play the character I had in mind. So now I want to finish this story so I can start the new one even though I really do have two other stories I should probably finish. Of course, if I procrastinate enough, I could use the upcoming story for National Novel Writing Month. Oh wow, I bet that’s what’s going to happen…

our new tovala

In our never ending quest to try out prepared food services, we have landed on Tovala. Our Tovala oven was delivered this weekend and we’ve already used it a couple of times! Nothing too exciting so far– English muffins, bread, and eggs. Our first Tovala meal kits will arrive this week. I’m excited to try them! Even if we don’t keep up with the meal kits, we still have a kickass new countertop oven (which replaced our toaster oven). I’m curious to try it for reheating leftovers. Maybe I’ll do a little review after we’ve used it for awhile.

Ben Barnes

One night, while checking out Tubi, I randomly clicked on a movie called BY THE GUN. It stars Ben Barnes and I ended up watching the whole movie, even though Tubi is ad-supported, which means there were numerous ad breaks. I didn’t mind the ad breaks so much. The movie was all right. It’s always interesting to me watching English actors do American accents but Ben did a good job with his.

A couple of nights later, I ended up watching SEVENTH SON on Netflix. I’d seen that movie a long time ago and probably came away from it thinking it was all right. On this second viewing, same opinion– it was all right. It’s fun to watch older movies and realize, hey, that’s Kit Harrington! (He had a small part and looked very Jon Snow in it.) Oh, and there was the who was in MAN OF STEEL. (Antje Traue, who was Faora-Ul in MoS, was Mother Malkin’s sister in this movie.) Oh yes, Ben Barnes stars in this movie (he plays the title character).

I just had to have it

I saw this latest piece from 1888 Design and I just had to have it. I think within an hour or so of them posting it to their IG, I bought it. It’s called “Walking Stardust” and something about it just called to me. It’s probably because STARDUST is one of my all time favorite movies. I should get it sometime this week.

This live version of “when was it over” by Sasha Sloan, featuring Sam Hunt, is so beautiful. Sasha has such a delicate yet strong voice. And Sam sounds so good. I was a little stunned watching this video. I like the song a lot but this version just really hits. Definitely give it a watch.


Wear your mask, wash your hands, keep your distance, and get that vaccine! Let’s get back to hugs and handshakes, my lovelies.