disconnected – “woe is me” woman

I might not even post this because it might sound mean. So there you go, there’s your warning that it might sound mean.

This is going to sound weird but sometimes women annoy me. I espouse doing whatever you want on your social media. It’s all a play for attention, right? I post my fellas on the VERY off chance they notice and maybe drop a like. I post a selfie because I don’t want my IG to be all the fellas and such. Since my Jack Whitehall thing last year, I’ve made my IG to a pattern that you might or might not notice. I create the pattern for a giggle.

So post those awesome selfies, ladies. I love seeing the faces of my family, my friends, my favorites. I don’t care if you’re showing off. I love it! But those empowering memes or inspiration quotes? Those make my eyes ROLL HARD. If you post them once in awhile, that’s great. You’re feeling it for the words and words are amazing and powerful. I understand that, I really do. But when your IG suddenly turns into all memes, it gets old. (I’m NOT talking about the IG accounts like @agirlhasnopresident or @soyouwanttotalkabout.) You want to feel confident and the words feed that feeling. You’ve been wronged and you want the meme to tell your ex to fuck off. I get it. We all get it. But it’s making your IG BORING.

I’d argue that Twitter is perfect for that kind of meme posting but it seems that most of the people I see posting those empowering memes don’t use Twitter, which is a shame. Those words of wisdom would be better served on a platform like Twitter. You can even do it with pictures, if you’d like. But IG? I prefer pictures of places and people and food and pets. Perhaps that’s just me.

Some people, not just women, want to blame EVERYONE ELSE or ANYTHING ELSE rather than look in the mirror and hold that person accountable. No, I’m “victim blaming.” I’m talking about the mentality of “me vs the world” or just throwing your hands up and saying “oh woe is me.” Life happens. Things out of our control happen all the time. But we also make choices and those choices are part of the tapestry of our lives. And oftentimes, our choices and our biases lead us to the very moment in our lives that we either lament or celebrate. Most of the time, we don’t see it. For some, it can be a joy to realize how each step brought us to that moment. For others, it’s better to pretend that everything just happens because then the responsibility is on the universe rather than the self. From my perspective, I prefer a balance of both. It’s a matter of how I react to the challenges. It’s a matter of what choices I will make. It’s a matter of taking responsibility for my part of it.

So you’ll never see one of those inspirational or empowering memes on my IG. Maybe on my IG story? But certainly not as an actual post. I prefer photos or edits. Save the inspiration or empowerment for the caption. Post something eye catching to draw in your visitors, like puppies or flowers or your awesome hair or your favorite color…

So was that mean? I started this back in 2020 and just let it sit in my drafts here at WordPress. I think I’m going to press publish and see what happens. I should write more like this, if it turns out okay…

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