TWITL – week twenty-eight – the long rest

My dad’s oldest sister died on Wednesday night. She was ninety years old, mother of four, grandmother of four, oldest of six who lived into adulthood. I can still hear her voice. I like to think she’s resting now…


The work week went by in a weird sort of blur and ended with the last half day Friday but I worked the whole day. It was nice to work with the door locked. I was good and answered my phone even though we were closed. Ha!

San Leandro

We visited my parents this weekend. We hadn’t seen them in a long time and it was a good visit. We went to lunch with my dad then hung out for awhile. Afterwards, we took a quick drive to see my high school, which looks a little different (like where is the sign that says, “Arroyo High School?”).

the latest pattern

Time for bed! I suppose I’ll talk tv and movies next week (Loki is amazing! The Fear Street trilogy was good!)