TWITL – week twenty-nine – winding down the summer break feeling

Summer break doesn’t last very long for the kids out this way. The schools out here operate on a modified traditional schedule, which means they have two week breaks after every quarter, making the summer break shorter by a few weeks compared to other schools. After working for the district all these years, I’ve gotten used to it and I actually like it because it feels like a true breather between each quarter, even if I am a twelve month employee.

All that said, the past week was the last full week of summer break. School starts this upcoming Thursday and it’s going to be interesting getting into that mindset again. Having nearly a full year of distance learning means needing to adjust to a new normal that might harken back to the old normal. We shall see. It’ll be interesting to be sure.


Loki (Disney+) – WOW. Such a fantastic show. The last episode of the season was fantastic. Jonathan Majors was freakin’ mesmerizing. I was sitting on the edge of my seat while watching him. All the actors are amazing on that show but he was on a different level. It looked liked he was having a ball…

2 Broke Girls (purchased) – I didn’t watch each episode with a lot of attention but I did catch most of them. Although it was a bummer that it ended as it did, I think there was enough closure in that ending to feel a bit of satisfaction. I liked how Ed Quinn’s Randy came along in that last episode. He was just lovely to watch every time he was on. The show on the whole was funny though the humor is definitely what I’d call broad and certainly not for the whole family. I’m seriously surprised that the show was on regular network tv.


Fear Street trilogy (Netflix) – I guess I can’t say that I don’t like horror movies because I do end up watching the random ones. This trilogy was very entertaining and a good watch. The plot was interesting. I really liked how everything was woven into the people and town over time.

Gunpowder Milkshake (Netflix) – I thought this was a delightful movie. Wait, is that weird to say about a kickass type movie? Maybe so. This movie had a wonderful noir feel about it. I liked the way it looked and sounded.

Jolt (Prime Video) – This one had an interesting premise and an ending I didn’t expect. It was another kickass type of movie, this time with a character who wanted to control the violence within and succeeded and failed in varying degrees.

All the movies I just mentioned were female led, which is pretty awesome to say. The Fear Street trilogy and Gunpowder Milkshake were also both diversely cast, which is always a good thing. Jolt was a little less so but I wouldn’t knock any points off of it for that.


Do I still adore Jack Whitehall enough to watch Jungle Cruise in the theatres? You know what, I just might. Actually, I just wanted to watch it in the theatre and he’s just bonus. I’m a little worried, however, about the COVID numbers out there and wonder if it’s a smart thing to go to a movie while the case numbers keep rising. Even though I’m vaccinated, I’d hate to get it and pass it along to someone who isn’t vaccinated. So we shall see. I know that when The Suicide Squad comes out, I will want to see the movie in the theatre, in IMAX, as James Gunn intended. And then I can watch it a second time at home because it’ll be on HBOMax. Yes, I like movies enough to spend my money on them and venture out to the theatre…

Simon Kassianides has a new girlfriend! It’s nice to see him happy but lo, he does have a type, eh? Tall, blonde, on the slender side seems to be his jam. Good for him for knowing what he likes. He tagged her on his IG story and intrepid fangirl that I am, I of course noticed. This led me to doing what I told myself I wouldn’t do– I followed her on my main account and one of my “burner” accounts. Her profile was public so I didn’t think it was a big deal. Well, she must have balked at the random follows that must have occurred because he tagged her because the VERY NEXT DAY, her account turned private. As I would like to see him in her photos, I am not going to ever comment on her posts or even like them. So far, she hasn’t blocked me. I mean, why would she if I haven’t done anything to even catch her attention (besides follow her)? Right? Right! I’m going to keep thinking good thoughts and try not to compare her to his ex because that’s not fair at all…

something new for my phone
new PopGrip for MagSafe for my iPhone

I’m not ready for school to start. I’m a little boggled that it’s already time for it. It’s supposed to hit triple digits just in time for the start of school. Even better! (Not.) My desk has been a bit of a wreck (for my taste) and this past week was a lot of talking on the phone and stacking up the appointments for my supervisor, alas! My last phone call on Friday was with a parent who thought practically yelling at me was a good way to go. I kept my calm and tried to get to the grit of it but the call ended with the parent wanting to think about what to do next for his student. Sure, fine. Maybe next time he calls, he will be calmer and realize that the person trying to schedule the appointment (me) has NOTHING to do with what happens during the appointment. Hey, I can dream…


My writing has hit that wall for some reason. I have too many stories I need to finish and yet none of them call to me to finish. I know I could start prepping my NaNoWriMo story but the one that could be it seems a little undercooked in the plot sense. Perhaps I need to read more. I’m sure I do need to read more…