TWITL – week thirty-four – will you reach out in whimsy

if I whisper your name
will you hear it on the breeze
an unfamiliar voice
soft and low
will you reach out in whimsy
curious and open
then laugh at the notion
yet still wonder
at the longing that clings
gentle upon your heart

It’s been awhile since a bit of poetry so I thought, why not? I should write more poetry…

So my previous entry posted to Livejournal so I guess that plugin is working again. What the heck?! But truly, I am glad because my LJ is apparently forever (I have a permanent account) and I should use it, even if it is a crosspost from my main blog.


Kung Fu (HBO Max/CW) – We finished season one and I must say, I loved it. I loved how Asian and how American it was. I loved the supernatural, mystic stuff. I loved the well rounded characters. I love the feeling of family, the mistakes made by everyone, by the obvious love of family. It was funny, exciting, sometimes a little cheesy, action packed, and a treat to watch. I’m glad it’s getting a second season and I look forward to seeing what adventures await.

Ted Lasso (Apple TV+) – I really do enjoy this show a lot. I’m never in a rush to watch it but when we sit down to it, it keeps me hooked. I loved the Bantr twist at the end of episode six! How are they going to play that in the next episodes? Should be fun to watch!

What If…? (Distney+) – Episode 3 didn’t quite pull at me as much as the previous two episodes but it was a good watch. I wonder, do all the episodes happen in the same timeline? Or are we jumping different threads of reality?


Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins – I enjoyed this movie, especially in context of it being a GI Joe movie, even though it didn’t seem like a GI Joe movie. Does that makes sense? I like Henry Golding and he was all right in this movie. His character seemed to lack a bit of vibrancy. The other characters were more interesting and compelling. And I say that as someone who likes him so take that as you will. I liked the look of this movie and the action was fine.

F9 – I think I missed one of the Fast and Furious movies but does it really matter very much? The latest installment had the prerequisite action and fast cars with a decent, if slightly ridiculous plot. It’s a fun watch and draws on previous movies and characters. It was entertaining. How many more of these movies are they going to do?

The Green Knight – I’m not sure how to take this movie. It’s beautifully shot and well acted but maybe I wasn’t in the mind space to appreciate it.


While we’re doing COVID-19 testing for district employees, I get to go into work early and therefore leave early. It’s only a difference of half an hour but there’s something about leaving work “early” that’s rather nice. My schedule is adjusted three of my five days of work, which isn’t super noticeable except when it’s time to leave. I do love leaving “early.”

I voted and it was counted

I voted and it’s been counted! Civic duty done.

My writing is at a real standstill right now. My creativity is in a fog. I’m trying to prep for National Novel Writing Month but I’m not feeling it right now. Do I just need to write on the fly in November? Is that something I can do without even some kind of light outlining?

she's twelve!

My niece is 12! Where has the time gone?! It doesn’t seem that long ago when she was that chubby faced baby.


This unboxing of the Thom Brown Edition of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is super cool. Check it out:

I don’t know why I keep watching videos of phones that I will never buy but I can’t help myself. I guess I just like knowing what’s out there. Also, I wish I were a tech review like the ones I watch. How fun to review all kinds of gadgets!

And someone (not me) is getting a new phone! It’s another iPhone but after scoffing at the size of mine, the hubby is getting the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It’ll be weird to have the same exact phone. We haven’t had the same exact phones for a long time, it seems…

11:11 pre-ordered

Yes, I pre-ordered “11:11.”