week thirty-one – back to school

The first full week of school has come and gone. The weather was hot and we had one whole day of NO INTERNET at work. Yes, that was an interesting day and many of us realized how much we use the internet for our work. It made me appreciate the fact that I keep a lot of my files on my employee drive, as opposed to the cloud.

I love going to the movies...
Yes to going to the movies!


The Suicide Squad (in theatres & HBO Max) – I bought my ticket during the week for the IMAX showing on Friday evening. It is really cool buying tickets on an app on my phone and then using my watch to show the QR code when I get to the theatre. Technology, I tell ya! I was hungry after work on Friday so when I got to the theatre, I bought popcorn, a soda, and Red Vines. I never buy anything, especially when I’m alone, because I don’t want to have to worry about needing a restroom break and drinking a soda would surely necessitate a restroom break. I slow sipped my drink and didn’t need to get up for the movie. Go me!… The movie itself was action packed, funny in parts, heartfelt in parts, and gorgeous to watch. I have been following James Gunn for YEARS and I know that he puts so much of himself in his productions. As much as I enjoyed the movie, I felt this disconnect. Was I looking forward to it too much? Maybe so…

Boss Level (Hulu) – Such a good movie! I love causality loops and kickass movies and this one was a good one for sure. I wasn’t expecting too much and I ended up liking it a lot. I definitely recommend it.

The Boss Baby: Family Business (Peacock) – Hubby hit play on this one and ended up taking a nap. I watched the whole movie and why was it so cute?! It was super cute.

Lawless (Amazon Prime Video) – I watched this movie LONG AGO and didn’t remember a thing about the plot watching it this second time. This stars Kevin Smith (“Ares,” on Xena and Hercules) as John Lawless as an undercover police officer. Even with the long hair (his hair is shorter in the two Lawless movies afterwards), Kevin catches the eye. Is it the nostalgia that kept my attention? I don’t usually feel so sad watching him but for some reason, this time I felt that bit of melancholy.

Lawless: Beyond Justice (Tubi) – We watched the second movie as well, with commercials! The basic plot was a bit predictable but there were some surprises along the way. Kevin looked great in this one. Then again, he always did…

Superman mask

We started COVID-19 testing again at work. Even though I’m fully vaccinated, I went ahead and got tested. Yah for negative!

Hope everyone is being safe. Keep your distance, wear your mask, and wash your hands. And get vaccinated!