TWITL – week thirty-eight – autumn begins

The first day of autumn was the middle of this past week but the summer weather is still going strong. I’m hoping the triple digits are behind us but we shall see.

last home game of the year
Let’s Go A’s!

We went to our first baseball game of the season, which happened to be the last home game of the season. We were in a suite, which was actually space converted from being the dining area for a once ago restaurant. Great view!

great view

Great pitching dominated the first part of the game then the Astros tied the game in the fifth inning before taking the lead in the sixth.The A’s tied it up in the bottom of the seventh and so it went until the ninth inning. The A’s scored the winning run in the bottom of the ninth off Mark Canha’s single, which scored the runner on third. I love that #20 won the game because I was wearing my #20 jersey. LET’S GO A’s! Such a great way to end the last home game of the season.

in our A’s gear

The weather in Oakland was definitely a welcome change. When we got back home to Brentwood, warmer temperatures greeted us. Alas.

galaxy watch3

Galaxy Watch3 – I only lasted three days wearing this watch. I liked it but it’s not as functional when not using a Samsung phone. It’s really too bad because it’s such a good looking watch. Some notes…


  • Nice, easy on the eyes, watch face. I loved wearing a circular watch again.
  • Health features at the ready – able to check my steps or heart rate without digging too much into the watch


  • Can’t unlock my phone via the watch (expected)
  • Alerts sounded on both phone and watch even when connected
  • I had to manually connect the watch to the phone via bluetooth after charging the phone
  • Weather app had to be manually refreshed to show current temps
  • Screenshots of my watch face saved to the watch but couldn’t be sent to the phone

Four more days of work then Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Jordan Davis in Sacramento to start a four day weekend. I’m excited to have some time off!