TWITL – week thirty-five – Happy Labor Day

I do so love the three day weekends. August feels like the longest month, work-wise, because there are neither holidays nor breaks in all that month. It’s just work on the weekdays and then the weekend. It’s always such a relief to get through it.

I started working overtime this week. I know, me, overtime? I’m the kind who yes, usually gets to work a bit early but I’m also the kind who is out the door come the minute of the end of the work day. Ever since we started doing regular COVID-19 testing, I’ve been starting work early but consequently leaving work early as well. So no over time in that way. I was offered an assignment that would be done off hours, thereby overtime, and I took it. It’s a bit tedious but it’s relatively easy and I don’t mind doing it. It’s basically pulling data from one place then entering it elsewhere. I know, so exciting! I’ve been doing a couple of hours a day after work and then I did a few hours this weekend.


Saturday we headed out to get the truck washed then downtown for some drinks and a bit of food. It was good to get out but after a few drinks, I was ready for a nap! It was nice to leave the house for awhile to enjoy other people’s air conditioning.

Sunday, I visited the salon, took a quick walk through Ulta, then sat down at the movie theatre for a showing in the Dolby Cinema auditorium. By the time the movie started, I had strangers sitting on both sides of me and most of the auditorium was full.


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (in theatres) – SO GOOD. I already want to see it again. The movie was action packed, funny, beautiful, engaging, and adventuresome. I laughed, I almost cried. I loved the action as much as the quiet moments in the movie. It was a fantastic introduction to a new MCU hero and I am all for it. I really do want to see it again. As an MCU fan, I definitely recommend it. But even if you aren’t well versed in all the MCU lore, I think it’s a great standalone movie. GO WATCH IT.


Elementary (Hulu) – We started watching this the other day. I’ve always liked Jonny Lee Miller but somehow never managed to watch this show while it was going through its run. I like what we’ve watched so far. He’s a great Sherlock Holmes. (I think Benedict Cumberbatch will always be my favorite Holmes.)

late summer leaves

Sometimes when I actually have something I’d like to document but I can’t, I wish I had a more anonymous blog. I have other places where I can post that would not lead to me but I figure if I can’t say it here, why say it elsewhere?