TWITL – week thirty-seven – musical bright spots

I almost named this post “the final straw” but how melodramatic is that? Explanation perhaps at the end.

listening to "11:11" in the car

“11:11” – Ben Barnes – I’m easy when it comes to my fellas so of course I’m adoring this new song. I’m just happy I’m liking something other than country music (which of course I still LOVE). Give the song a spin or better yet, watch the lovely video starring Ben Barnes and his Westworld co-star Evan Rachel Wood.

“Bottom of the Bottle” – Anna Bergendahl and Tyler Rich – This song definitely has a pop feel to it. I like it! Another one to spin.

29: Written in Stone – Carly Pearce – I’m not sure when I got to the point of just buying Carly’s albums without listening but I never regret it. And so it is this time. I was listening to it while doing my overtime the other day. It is SO GOOD. She is such a great songwriter. And she has a voice I can play all day long. Give her album a listen. It really is a wonderful country music album.

mrs. rich and mrs. noble

Galaxy Watch3 – I’m trying out this watch with my iPhone because why not? I like watching tech videos and the lot and since we have this, I wanted to see how I’d like it. I might challenge myself by wearing it and only it for a week. Think can I do it? We shall see. Maybe I’ll do a little review of it for my amusement.

Strike Back

Good things come to an end. And this thing that started out as something fun and good, bringing inspiration and friends, has run its course with me. I made allowances for this one, more than I probably should have. Perhaps that last straw wouldn’t have been such if it were not for the fact of that melodramatic fangirl incident from two years ago. Has it really been two years already? It most definitely has. Out of sheer stubbornness and loyalty to my fellow fangirls rather than actual regard for this particular one, I continued my part of our collective endeavor. I stopped earlier this year, mostly out of lack of inspiration. But this past week, I finally pulled the trigger and let go.

One day I’ll watch his work again and I’ll enjoy it not because of him but because of the action and the other actors. I’m confident that I can separate him from his characters and only see his characters. Well, at least the particular one that caught my attention in the first place. I’ll test myself someday.

I have no regrets about the fangirl attention I shone his way. I truly enjoyed his work and the little bits of himself he shared along the way. But life is short and I’d rather shine my fangirl love elsewhere…

oh, this bunny

Still working that overtime and it’s been interesting for sure. I don’t mind that it’s tedious but lo, it’s tedious. It’s a challenge too and that’s another part that I enjoy. I’m sure I’ll like the added dollars to the paycheck…

Stay safe, my gentle readers. Wash your hands, wear your mask, keep your distance, and get that vaccine if you can.