TWITL – week forty-three – lovely autumn days

It’s the last day of October aka Halloween Day. I chatted for a couple of hours with my CPN girls and then went off to get my hair cut. We headed out to Walnut Creek to check out the Apple Store. Always a treat to go there.

look at those watches
Apple Watches

Friday night was Homecoming and we sat at the wine bar for the parade. I’ve missed our town parades and it was so lovely being out and seeing familiar faces in the crowd and in the parade. The weather was quite lovely too.

Tomorrow begins National Novel Writing Month and even though I have an idea of who my characters are and what they want to do, I’m not sure how I’m going to start it. Will I start at the beginning and take the linear route? Will I start in the middle and go back and forth in time? And when will I actually start writing? Oh the fun of it all! For now, the novel is called Almost Maybes. Not sure if it will follow the song but wouldn’t that be fun?…

my new hoodie
wearing my new hoodie on Friday night…