TWITL – week forty-four – so begins #NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month 2021 has begun!

  • What am I writing?
    I am writing a romance novel I am currently calling “Almost Maybes” after the Jordan Davis song. I had thought I would tie the gist of the song to the story but so far, it’s not really come up for the characters. The story is still young though.
  • Who am I writing?
    The characters are Marisol and Mateo. I actually started their story as one of my many “vignettes.” One scene, a bit streamy, and nothing more. I thought I would write a different story for this month but someone else decided he wanted to be my Muse and who am I to resist?
  • Why am I writing?
    I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month because writing is a compulsion for me and I might as well challenge myself by writing 50,000 words in 30 days. I’ve done it for years and I really enjoy grinding through and trying to get ahead. It amazes me how easy it sometimes feels even though I’m probably writing weird or utter crap. I don’t care, it’s fun to me, and I LOVE IT

I’ve been slightly ahead of pace so far in my word count, writing about 2000 words a day. I feel like I’m banking the words for the days ahead where I might not want to write or I’ve hit a block or life demands my attention. I’m going to keep writing more because I love seeing my word count as higher than it should be.

Apple Watch 7
new watch

Look, something new!


Specs on mine:

model: Apple Watch Series 7
color: Green
material: Aluminum
bands: Clover Sport Band (as delivered) / Sequoia Green Leather Link (ordered)

new things

When we went to the Apple Store last week, we thought about picking up a new watch for me but alas, they didn’t have the one I wanted on hand so we ordered one through T-Mobile since I wanted to replace my Apple Watch Series 4 LTE version with another cellular enabled one. I chose the green (of course) aluminum one and didn’t have a choice on the band (it came with the clover sport band). We also ordered the leather link band (which is the one I wanted) and they all arrived on Wednesday. Yes!

My aging eyes appreciate the slightly bigger screen. It’s said to be more durable but I haven’t had to test it on that point. The battery seems to be about the same as my Series 4 watch but that might be because of the always on display, which I have always on. Notifications for certain apps don’t seem to be coming to the watch as they should (Telegram isn’t buzzing my wrist) but that might just be the certain apps and not the watch itself. The green aluminum is subtle and definitely shines when wearing a band that’s green. I’m trying out the sport band right now after wearing the leather link band and I think I’ll probably use the leather link band as my daily band because that’s why I bought it. It’s only been a few days but I’m definitely enjoying the new watch…


Such a good movie

Eternals – I am apparently an ardent MCU fan because I don’t hesitate to see their movies on the big screen. I was pretty excited to see this one but in a tempered way because I wasn’t sure what to expect. For some reason, the early reviews have not been kind. I didn’t read any of them because even some of the tweets I’ve seen after the movie have just made me shrug. I understand why some people might not like the movie but I have a feeling some of those reasons might be why I like it so much. Strike that, I LOVE Eternals. I saw an early Friday evening showing in the IMAX theatre and it was rather glorious. I loved the scope of it, the emotional journey of the characters, the relationships. It was a wonderful way to introduce new characters and new possibilities to the MCU. I didn’t realize how much I loved it until I told the hubby about my impressions. The more I told, the more I loved the movie. I most definitely want to see it again. Some random thoughts:

  • Gemma Chan is an utter goddess. She’s beautiful and strong and just carried the movie with such grace and heart. I will fight anyone who says otherwise.
  • I feel like I did not appreciate Richard Madden and Kit Harington as much as I should have during their run on Game of Thrones because whenever they were on screen in this movie, I felt that pull to them. Maybe it was because they were usually interacting with Gemma (especially Kit) but I walked away from that movie feeling a renewed adoration for those two. Goodness.
  • The other actors were amazing as well and I loved all their moments. Angelina Jolie squeezed my heart with some of her scenes. Kumail Nanjiani made me laugh in his first scene. I could go on and on but you get the gist. They were all FANTASTIC.
  • Steamy scene. Wow. Beautiful and romantic.
  • The husbands– so sweet and poignant.

I posted to Facebook when I came home and later noticed that it wasn’t on my profile page. Then I received a notification that my post was taken down because it went against their “Community Standards on spam.” You be the judge:


Apparently, if rumors are true, people at Facebook (employees or perhaps users hell bent on being total assholes) targeted #Eternals as spam because they do not like the same sex marriage depicted in the movie. <deep breath> If this is true, they can all go take a flying leap. I vented a bit on Twitter:

I don’t like to swear online, especially with the f-word but in this case I was and actually still am rather angry about the whole thing. My post and posts other people made about seeing the movie were mere statements of fact. I saw the movie. I liked the movie. Facts. Why would that be considered spam? Of course it would target a movie with a diverse cast and a female POC director. I posted about Dune a couple of weeks ago and didn’t get my post taken down.

So FUCK Facebook and all the people who use it to spew utter and complete bullshit. Fuck them all. But you know what, I’m not going to shut down my account and leave in a huff. No, I’m going to continue to rarely post there because it’s more important to me to see my family and friends update on what they’re doing and where they’re visiting and all the fun stuff. I know how to ignore the bullshit on FB and I will do my damnedest to spread fucking LOVE and JOY and POSITIVITY. I’m all for civil discourse but me posting about seeing a movie and enjoying it is definitely NOT spam and whoever thinks it is is full of shit and should most definitely go fuck themselves.

And no, I’m not going to apologize for the swearing. If you know me, then you know the fact that I’m swearing online, in public, means I am pissed off.

he's playing Mateo
the Voilà version of Mateo, the fella in my story…

<another deep breath> I’m glad I this blog to vent a bit more about stuff. I don’t often do it but in this case, why not?

Okay, I should go back to my writing. Have a good week, y’all!