TWITL – week fifty – falling through

The plans for the weekend tweaked themselves a little and the only thing I did that I planned was see Spider-Man: No Way Home, so let’s start with that!

My ticket to the movie
my ticket to my usual seat in that auditorium…

Spider-Man: No Way Home [in theatres] – No spoilers (I hope)! How did I like it? I very much liked it. I laughed a lot, I cried a little, I was on the edge of my seat in parts. Spider-Man isn’t one of my favorite of the superheroes but I have definitely enjoyed Tom Holland in the role. I think Spider-Man is enriched by the larger MCU connections and I’m certainly more invested in him than if he was merely a Sony property… During one part of the movie, I might have been the only one laughing and that’s because I was probably one of only a few (if any) people to understand what was being said before it was translated. It was hilarious to me. My seat mates might have been wondering why I was laughing ahead of the eventual translation… I thought the integration of previous characters and storylines was well done, especially since I don’t remember very much from those past stories… There is one mid-credit scene which I LOVED and an end-credit scene that seemed more like a trailer or sneak peek cut which just made me want MORE.

trees at City Park

City Park has a lane of Christmas trees decorated by local businesses and community groups. We checked them out on Friday night and I just love all the lights. It looks great during the day too and I’m sure to walk through during my lunch breaks this week.

City Park holiday trees

I was supposed to see my old workmates on Saturday but those plans fell through so I was going to accompany the hubby to a friend’s holiday party but he wasn’t feeling well so we stayed home. It wasn’t such a bad thing because we ended up watching…

The Witcher [Netflix] – We watched all of season two in one day. I very much enjoyed it! I’m going to have to watch it again, for sure. The plot lines were more straight forward, which made it easier to watch in one day. I’m all for crossing timelines but the linear approach for this second season was most welcome. Can’t wait to see what the next season brings! (And yes, it’s been renewed. Sweet!)

a little icy

The weather has been cold for us this past several days and I’m all for it! It’s easy enough to layer and turn up the heat. I don’t mind the cooler temps because I know it’s not going to last forever and the hotter days will find us well enough again.

during one of my lunch time walks

My boss is leaving at the end of January. I’m bummed for us but happy for him. He’s been with us for a bit over five years, which is the longest of all my bosses in that position. I am glad for him as he’ll be working closer to home. It’s going to be an interesting time of transition for the office. I wonder if it’ll mean stressful times for me.

I already want to see Spider-Man again…