TWITL – week fifty-one – home for the rest of the year

It’s that time of year when I’m off from work until after the new year. Sweet goodness!

while I'm on break...

I started my time off with a cold that’s only now on the wane. And yes, it’s only a cold. My last COVID test was negative and I took a rapid on Wednesday when my cold was starting and that was also negative. I feel very lucky that I am able to test regularly. I’m glad it’s only a cold, which feels so oddly “normal.” I usually get a cold this time of year and last year, I didn’t, of course. I think this means I haven’t been as isolated as I was last year.

rainy days

The days have been cold and sometimes rainy. We need the rain! And I’m fine with the rain while I’m off from work. Less fuss. My last day of work for the year, the rain fell hard enough for a little pond to form in our parking lot (pictured above). The gutter was blocked by leaves and the water was too deep to walk through (as I learned as I tried to clear the leaves).

Our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were low-key. We watched movies that were holiday themed:

  • Die Hard – Utter classic, all the way around. It’s so dated with the fashions and such but definitely still holds up.
  • A Christmas Story – Another classic! I love this movie. It’s comfort watching for me. It still makes me laugh and it’s one I always want to watch this time of year.
  • While You Were Sleeping – I can and have watched this movie all times of the year but this might have been the first time I watched it on Christmas. This is one of my most favorite movies of all time and it always makes me happy watching it.
  • The Spirit of Christmas – I watched this one on my own. It was on Amazon Prime Video and I had my eye on it because of the male lead (but don’t ask me how I ever noticed him because I don’t know). This movie is a holiday romance movie from 2015 and has a supernatural spin that I enjoyed. It’s actually quite sweet and I enjoyed it very much. I might have to add it to my holiday movie list.


Hawkeye [Disney+] – I very much enjoyed this latest Disney+ plus show. Such a great way to know more about Clint Barton. It was great but could have definitely had more Aleks Paunovic. I wonder, will he appear in the Echo show? Hmm. I’m sure most MCU fans have already watched the show but if you haven’t yet, I’d definitely recommend it.


The Matrix Resurrections [in theatres/HBO Max] – If you’ve watched the other Matrix movies, then this one is a must see. There are many deliberate callbacks to the previous movies that might not make sense if you haven’t seen the other movies, though this new installment makes sure to give you hints of previous events. I’m not sure how I feel about the movie. Part of me is happy for another trip into the Matrix and it was interesting how they explained how and why Neo and Trinity still exist. But does this movie need to exist? See, that’s the question and I haven’t figured out the answer. The movie is so very meta and self aware, which makes it utterly intriguing. I suppose if you didn’t like the way the trilogy ended, then this is a good lift to the spirits. Maybe after I’ve watched it again, I’ll be clearer about how I feel about it. As it is, I’m glad that I saw this at home and I’m still on the fence about going to the theatre to watch it…

the pretty at city park

Wait, will this be my last post of 2021? It just might be because week 52 ends in 2022. I should have plenty of time to write during the week so maybe I’ll do a yearly rundown and post on Friday. Maybe. We shall see…