TWITL 2022 – week one – hello 2022

Happy 2022! How has the new year been treating you so far? I think I like having the time off between Christmas and New Years even if I don’t do anything too exciting. I worked three days during the second week of break and it was more exciting that I thought it would be even though it was also pretty laid back and I was able to clear my desk of as much as I could.

empty hallway

I figured I’d tweak the title of these posts a little by adding the year. Why not, eh? I need to get myself on a different schedule for these posts because I feel rushed on Sunday nights when I wait like this. It’s not so bad this time around since I have the Warriors game on and not much other distractions.

I practiced much too much retail therapy during winter break so let’s talk about that…


Bath and Body Works – I didn’t try anything new this time around, merely replenishing my current fragrances. Dark Kiss is my weakness and I will always at least buy that whenever they have their big sale. I’m not sure what I will do if they ever truly discontinue it. Ye gods.

new wallet

Coach Outlet – I had actually ordered something else but apparently it sold out. For my inconvenience, Coach gave me a 15% discount on my next purchase and that tech wallet just called to me. It was already 15% off, so add my discount and I got a decent deal on it. I couldn’t resist. But oi, good thing I didn’t care about those charms because one of them arrived already broken. Oh well…


Geralt Funko Pop – I was going to get a Geralt no matter what and when I saw that there was a chance for a chase, I thought, why not buy two? If I got two of the same one, I’d take one out of the box and take it to work with me. It was a win-win for me. I was glad to see that my strategy worked– I scored a regular one and a chase! Good for me, right?

one morning


The Book of Boba Fett (Disney+) – Not sure how I feel about this show. I’ve never really cared either way about Boba Fett but they’ve been doing an interesting job with the character in this new show. The second episode gave me serious Dune vibes. Is it because it’s in the desert? Who knows. I hope the action picks up a little more in “present” time even though the flashbacks have been very strong and interesting.

Mayor of Kingstown (Paramount+) – It was weird to start watching this show right after Hawkeye because Jeremy Renner stars in both and his characters are so different! We have the season finale to watch but so far, SO GOOD. Does Hugh Dillon always play some kind of law enforcement officer or do I just seem to see him in shows where he plays such a character? I think Ed Lane (from Flashpoint) is probably my favorite of his roles. Mayor of Kingstown is such a good show– gritty and drama filled. I like the show though I don’t know why but I really do not like the Iris character at all. It’s one of those irrational things, I think.

Young Sheldon (HBO Max) – We had actually started watching this show when it first premiered and then we stopped. Now that it’s on HBO Max, we’ve started up again and it’s so funny! It probably helps that we’ve watched The Big Bang Theory MANY times over and we know the character. It’s a good show and definitely more fun to watch in bunches.

winter flower

I made no resolutions for the new year but I do want to do the following:

  • Keep the house less cluttered and more routinely cleaned – I’m very bad at this but I’m going to take it one day at a time and try to pick up after myself and keep things neat. I also want to definitely work on the computer room as well as the room I’d like to make a sort of closet since I already iron there as well as hang dry my clothes.
  • Read a book every month – I just finished a book the other day but I can’t count if for this year/month because I started the book last month. I started another one so I’ll have to make sure I finish it before the month’s end.
  • Finish/start a new story – I have an unfinished story I could try again or I can do a whole new one. Or maybe both?
  • Take a picture/post a picture every day aka Project 365 – Well, I did it last year so why not this year too?

Tomorrow starts the new semester for the students out this way. We shall see how the rest of the school year goes. Am I refreshed enough to face a regular work week with positivity? Let’s go with yes.

afternoon sky