TWITL – week six – feeling like spring already

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. The ice cream truck passed by already because it’s 72F outside right now and it’s only freakin’ February. I am NOT ready for this weather. As much as I love spring time, I’m finding that I like having to bundle up for winter. Why does our colder weather not last too long?


"Foxy and Hare"

Sky Rojo [Netflix] – I finished the second season of this show and I am so glad that there will be a third season coming up. I think they might be filming it right now so not sure how long before it comes out. Hopefully before the end of the year? It’s such a wild show and I love it. It was so easy to get through the season with such short episodes.

The Book of Boba Fett [Disney+] – The last episode of the season was pretty good. So much action and some cute moments too. (Don’t want to spoil it so I won’t be too specific.) Personally, I don’t think I need another Boba Fett show but I wouldn’t mind seeing him and the other characters appear in other shows, like The Mandalorian and whatever is on Disney’s TV slate for the Star Wars franchise.

Peacemaker [HBO Max] – Liking this show as much as I do will help me go back to The Suicide Squad and maybe love it more. I felt an odd disconnect with the movie that I don’t feel with the tv show. I have really enjoyed this show.

30 Coins (30 Monedas) [HBO Max] – Started this one this week and I’m digging it! It’s creepy and mysterious and I’m hooked. I’m over halfway through it (darn it!) but it was announced just the other day that a second season would be coming so yah!



Miguel Ángel Silvestre – I posted MAS (yes, I’ll just call him that here) as my Man Crush Monday, so you know it’s serious. For how long? We shall see. I obviously started watching Sky Rojo and 30 Coins because of him (yes, I will admit it) and I have no regrets. It’s always fun finding a new fella who has a fair amount of good work that I can consume. And lo, MAS has a lot of work! Maybe I’ll even stumble on some English speaking roles? I don’t mind listening to the Spanish and I do know a little. But as he speaks European Spanish, it’s interesting to hear the differences in the words or phrases I might think I know.


celebrating Kim

Today is Kim’s birthday and I posted that collage above to my IG. We’re supposed to bust Yeti’s balls but I’m not really good at that so I just posted the collage to wish her a Happy Heavenly Birthday. I miss her. I miss seeing her messages, her tweets, her pictures. The sorrow sometimes overwhelms but then the joy creeps in and reminds me of sharing our stories, of laughing together, of listening to each other. It’s just so not fair we never got to meet in person and hug and take lots of pictures together…

"El diablo apoyó la cola"

My new boss was announced at the board meeting this past week. Not sure when she starts though. No one has told me anything yet. It’ll happen when it happens, eh? I’ll just keep plugging away as always. It’s such a busy month of work for me but I don’t mind. I can only do as much as I can in the time that I have each day. Everything will get done when it gets done, right?

"Caminen con los ojos bien abiertos"

BTW, it’s kinda weird doing screenshots of a character who’s a priest…