TWITL – week eleven – spring break begins

Spring has begun! I remember when I used to long for spring, when it was my favorite season of all the seasons. Spring meant baseball, my birthday, days of sunshine and cool breezes. Nowadays, the actual feeling of spring doesn’t seem to last as long as I’d like. The cool breezes seem fleeting and the sunshine is warmer than it should be. I know people love summer weather. I am not one of those people. My regard for baseball has waned a bit though I do still love it. It’s hard being an Oakland Athletics fan though, especially when it seems that this new season will see some favorites in other uniforms. (I’m trying to be happy for Matt Olson, getting a fat contract with the Atlanta Braves, but I’m mostly sad that I even allowed myself to like him enough to be sad that’s no longer wearing the gold and green. Alas.)

fangirling a little


The Batman [in theatres] – Just got home from seeing this movie (it’s Monday and I’m off from work) and I liked this movie more than I thought I would. And I definitely liked Robert Pattinson in the role a lot more than I thought I would. Honestly, anyone after Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman was already going to get a plus from me and since I’ve always liked Pattinson (an actor who can make me cry is always going to have a special place in my heart), I was willing to watch him in the role with an open mind. Maybe it helps that Batman isn’t really one of my favorite comic book heroes so I’m not so invested in him. All that said, the movie was really good and Pattinson was a very good Batman. Bruce Wayne? Well, it didn’t seem like he spent much time as him. Zoe Kravitz was fantastic as Selina Kyle and I hope that if they do another movie, she’s in it because she’s amazing. It’s a long movie but moved at a decent pace for me. I watched in IMAX and it looked good in that format.


Star Trek: Picard [Parmount+] – Another fantastic installment but I wonder, is it a cheat to use Q and the Borg as plot points? As a long time ST:TNG fan, I love all the call backs to the history of Picard but do the moments that hit me deeply play the same way to a more casual fan or even a new fan of the show/character? I do wonder. I’ve been enjoying the show very much.



We had a laid back weekend and stepped out for a bit on Saturday. We didn’t do the farmers market because rain fell the early part of the day so no mimosas for me. I didn’t mind. We had some drinks then had In-N-Out afterwards, which is always a good thing.


Oh, and my necklace arrived early in the week, all the way from Spain! The chain is more delicate that I’d usually get, which is why I bought the shortest one. The ring is an important date on one side and the coordinates of that day on the other side. It’s a cool concept and now I want more. I’ll have to think long about it though and wait for another sale because that shipping is no joke.

St. Patrick's Day lunch

We had a St. Patrick’s Day lunch at work and it was good! It was a nice way for my new boss to see some of the faces at the office. I hope she likes it with us. She has a great vibe and lots of cool ideas.


I work three days this week and three days next week. I do so love the two week breaks during the school year. I might not take whole weeks off but having long weekends is very cool.