TWITL – week ten – the last breath

I never know what to say when someone dies. Different things swirl through my head– moments I might have shared, stories I might have heard, other people’s experiences. If I knew the person, however fleetingly, I hear their voice as an echo, a flicker of memory. When someone I know passes away, I always try to hold on to the gratitude for having known them as the sadness washes over me.

Margaret N. Tribby – June 21, 1924 – March 9, 2022

Richard’s grandmother passed away on Wednesday. She was 97 years old and it was her time. He was able to speak with her for a few minutes last weekend and from the sounds of it, she was aware and still a little feisty. We hadn’t seen her in person since she was in her early 80s (I know, doing the math on that rather astounded me) and at the time, she was still pretty active and spry. She was a tiny lady (I’m about 5’4″ and as you can see in the picture above, she was shorter and smaller than me), outspoken, and loving in her way. Richard made sure that I always sent cards to her for holidays and her birthdays, and she often sent compliments in regards to my handwriting. (Practice your handwriting and send handwritten notes whenever you can– they are appreciated by any and all.) Of all the women in his family, I know Grandmom loved him unconditionally and without reservation. Maybe it was because he was her first grandchild. Maybe it was because he always treated her with love and gratitude. Maybe it was because he didn’t cause unnecessary drama with her.

Richard tells me that his childhood Christmases were because of his grandparents, especially his grandmother. Before he and his family moved out here from the east coast, he spent time with his grandparents at least once or twice a week. He grew up with them, they were part of his life. They were his family.

Now the last link to that part of his life is gone.

I will remember her as that feisty little old lady, the OG of the women of my husband’s family. She was not without flaws (who is?) but she was part of the raising of my one and only and for that, I am grateful. All the good parts of her live on in him and I will always think of her with love.

Journey well into the next, Grandmom…

open road

We headed out earlier today for the following:

  • A salon appointment for me (bang trim and eyebrow wax)
  • A drive to the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery to visit the father-in-law
  • A quick walk through the outlets
  • Lunch and drinks at Heretic Brewery and Distillery
  • More drinks back home at Brentwood Craft Beer and Cider

I always love getting my bangs trimmed and my eyebrows done. I usually get my hair cut about twice a year since I keep it long so the bang trims get me out of the house and freshened up a bit. It’s always nice to visit the salon. My stylist always does a great job and I just adore her.


We haven’t visited my father-in-law in awhile. He’s in a great spot and the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery is a lovely place. It’s always so peaceful there and so well kept. I never mind going there to spend a few minutes…

We have a trip this summer (destination wedding) and I wanted a purse for the occasion. We checked out a few places and I ended up with a nice little number from the Kate Spade store. It’s cute and matches the dress I’m planning to wear for the wedding. I never thought I’d be the kind to actually purposely buy a purse to match an outfit but there it is…


Heretic Brewery and Distillery is one of my favorite places to visit. The beers are always good and the location has really expanded. It has a great vibe and the food was pretty good. Even though I have too many black hoodies, I just had to get a Heretic one for my collection. I couldn’t resist!

"No grites"


Yes, still fangirling HARD for Miguel Ángel Silvestre but I took a little break from him and posted an edited screenshot to my IG of Santiago Cabrera from Star Trek: Picard. It was a bit of a test because when I last posted Santiago (from the first season of Star Trek: Picard), I got LOTS of likes. I wondered if I would get as many likes and if it would be more than I get for the ones of MAS. Well, spoiler alert, MAS is apparently more popular at the moment than Santiago. I was a bit surprised. I’m tempted now to post a screenshot of Sullivan Stapleton, from anything, just to see if the masses still love him as much at they did when I was posting him years before. Sully posts always got so many likes. You know, because he’s freakin’ ADORABLE.


The Adam Project [Netflix] – This movie was SO GOOD. I adore Ryan Reynolds and in this movie, he made me laugh and he made me cry. The movie had everything I could want– crazy sci-fi stuff with time travel, Ryan Reynolds quips, gut wrenching moments, and laughter. I don’t think I can recommend this movie enough. Go watch it…

Turning Red [Disney+] – I didn’t think I would but I LOVED THIS MOVIE. It was sweet and frustrating and just everything. It was utterly delightful and I guess I’m such a fangirl at heart that I totally understood Meilin. I’m going to have to say that I LOVED Abby. She was hilarious! It’s been awhile since I’ve been so entranced by a Pixar movie but this one was it. And the boyband music! OMG, YES! Go watch it…



Star Trek: Picard [Paramount+] – Sometimes I wonder if this show is hitting me in all the right places because I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation and its characters have been part of my life for a very long time. Is it as good as I think it is or is it so good to me because I know the world? I love this show and I love the characters and THANK GOODNESS for the new ones, especially Cristóbal Rios as played by Santiago Cabrera. Every time he’s on screen, I’m even more hooked on what’s happening. He’s rather mesmerizing.


Before I posted about his grandmother, I did have Richard read it. He commented on one part and at first, I said I wouldn’t take it out. Well, I took it out. It might have been overlooked but why tempt the fates?

Have I mentioned how much I do not like this time change, this springing forward into Daylight Saving Time? It’s so annoying and I think it messed up my sleeping routine this weekend.

One more week of work then it’s Spring Break for the students! I’m going to take some time off to make long weekends. Love the long weekends…


And do enjoy this gratuitous shot of Miguel Ángel Silvestre from Sky Rojo, which I definitely recommend…

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  1. May Richard’s grandmother Rest In Peace. ? I feel the same way as I hear about someone’s passing. Our Tito in Canada passed away a month ago. Death and grief are all so heavy. I’m still processing it. The pandemic makes it that much harder to be with family. I hope I can see them next year!

    Turning Red was great. I related a lot with Meilin and her friends. Abby made me laugh so much! I’ll have to watch it again this week. ?? Boy bands forever ?

    Wishing you a great week, Valerie! Take care.

    Bernadette ?

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