TWITL – week sixteen – into a long weekend

It’s actually the last day of my three day weekend. I’m not sure why today was chosen as “spring recess” but I don’t mind it either as a day off from work is always a good thing.

April 22, the Graduates of Distinction, class of 2022, spent the day at visiting the schools in the district to share their stories with the students. I wrote a bit more at my IG:

I know Chris Calabrese in passing but I had never met Alicia Kennon nor Colby Smith. They are all hard working individuals, succeeding in their respective careers. I was so impressed with Colby Smith. During the afternoon reception, his former teacher introduced him and everything she said about him was the vibe I felt during the morning meet and greet. You can’t help but be drawn to him and he really is sweet sunshine. I am really glad to have met him. My reaction to him reminds me of my reaction to Sabina Gadecki Rich– sweetness and affection and love.

Read more about Colby here and find him at his IG. He is a makeup artist who has worked with some big names out there. Go on, discover him for yourself.

visiting my grandfather

We visited my grandfather’s grave yesterday. He died 32 years ago. It was sunny and warm at the cemetery. I always like going there to visit. I like how peaceful it is. It’s a little crazy to think it’s been 12 years since a lot of my family visited the grave site together for the 20 year anniversary. Where has the time gone?

doing a little exploring
Logan and Breelyn exploring 12 years ago

After the cemetery, we had lunch at Skipolini’s in Oakley. I went for the spaghetti and meatballs and it was really good! Someone once said that when you go to a restaurant, you should order something that you can’t make. For me, that means I can order almost anything. But sometimes, I want something like spaghetti and meatballs and it’s super disappointing when I order it and it doesn’t taste good. How can restaurant spaghetti not taste good? I’m so glad it tasted good at Skipolini’s.



Star Trek: Picard [Paramount+] – I’m definitely enjoying this show. The different plots have me hooked and I’m curious how the season is going to end. Knowing there will be a third (and final) season helps when watching the show. I feel like I can relax and just enjoy it without wondering if it’ll end on a cliffhanger without resolution.


The Endgame [NBC] – Speaking of not knowing if there’s more to a show, I feel a little nervous about this one. Is this a one and done show? Will it end in a cliffhanger? Will it end sensibly? I’m trying to just enjoy the ride because it is a good show and I do look forward to watching it.

Moon Knight [Disney+] – This show is super trippy but so much fun to watch. What’s real, what’s not? I don’t know and I don’t mind. I’m glad that I’ve read some of the comic books because they add a bit of depth for me while watching the show. But I’m not sure if I agree with some of the theories I’ve watched on YouTube. We shall see what happens…


I just couldn’t resist buying another necklace from Rootless. This one is a thicker chain and longer than my first one. The ring commemorates my first meeting with Tyler Rich– the hashtag on one side and the coordinates to the place we met on the other. I might be a little addicted to these rings and necklaces. I already have thoughts on other rings I want to get. Maybe one more necklace? I’ll wait for another sale…