TWITL – week thirteen – end of spring break

Here we are at the end of spring break. I will surely miss those long weekends I took though I might have wanted to work one more day than I did because I never fully caught up on my work. Ah well, lesson learned.


Even though it sometimes takes me a little bit of time to get up and get ready, I do like our Saturday morning jaunts to the farmers market. A mimosa and a croissant is a great way to start the day! Well, this weekend, I had to settle for a big cookie because the place I usually buy croissants was running low on pastries. What madness was this? Goodness me.

First Street Alehouse

After the wine bar and our favorite local, we drove down to Livermore for lunch and more drinks at First Street Alehouse. I love that place and wish we had something like it in our neck of the woods. Good thing it’s not that far from us. How does a simple meal of beer battered fish and chips taste so good?

fish and chips

Our next stop was the comic book shop, which is another favorite place to visit. I didn’t buy any of the Funko Pops pictured but we did buy some Funkos along with a Moon Knight graphic novel. I couldn’t resist the Jimmy Garoppolo Funko as well as The Mandalorian with Grogu Funko I’d passed on earlier in the week.

I refrained from buying any of these...
Nope, didn’t buy any of those, especially since I already own two of them…

We met up with our friend for a drink at one of the bars nearby. It was great to catch up with him as we hadn’t seen him in years…

"Fly Me to the Moon"


The Endgame [NBC] – We don’t actually watch this on Monday nights but wait until it’s streaming the next day. Such a good show! It reminds me a little of Blindspot‘s first season with questions that are answered during an episode only to have more questions surface. The chemistry between Morena Baccarin and Ryan Michelle Bathe is fantastic. I love the intrigue and mystery and slow reveals.

Moon Knight [Disney+] – I knew nearly nothing about Moon Knight the character before watching the show. (I know more now because I watch the recaps of these shows as I like to know more and what I might have missed.) I only knew that the character was in the Marvel comics and now part of the MCU. I very much enjoyed the first episode. How much of it is Oscar Isaac? SO MUCH. And then there’s the whole Egyptian gods stuff and I’m hooked. I love when the MCU gets a little mystical as not.

Star Trek: Picard [Paramount+] – Another good installment. Is Picard going to fix what needs to be fixed? What’s going on with Q? Did all of Data’s ancestors work in genetics? Also, when can we hear more accents from Santiago Cabrera?

Halo [Paramount+] – I’ve never played the game so I have no idea if the show matches the game in anyway. Whatever the case, I like it so far even though the teenage girl annoyed the hell out of me the first episode. I’m TRYING to feel empathetic towards her but right now, she just seems to be in the way of the more intriguing story of Master Chief. What is his deal? I’ll keep watching to find out.

2nd booster time


  • It pays to be older because I was able to schedule my 2nd COVID booster shot and get it on the same day. No side effects except for the the achy arm and that didn’t even last a whole day. I feel a bit of peace of mind…
  • Overheard at the bar:
    • “I love Chris Evans but he’s no Tim Allen.”

      I think the group was talking about the movie Lightyear, which is set to come out this summer. I know this might confuse people but Chris Evans is voicing the PERSON Buzz Lightyear not the TOY Buzz Lightyear that Tim Allen voiced in the Toy Story movies.

      I wanted to roll my eyes, especially when no one corrected her about the distinction but that’s just the nerd in me, I suppose. Maybe she wouldn’t have understood even if someone did explain it to her.
  • I have gotten sucked into the Wordle thing. It makes me crazy but when those letters turn over green all the way, it makes me feel accomplished. It’s maddening but fun too. How long will I do it? I have no clue.
  • I’ve been on Twitter for FIFTEEN YEARS. I tweeted the anniversary tweet and someone replied that they didn’t even know that Twitter was around fifteen years ago. This is what happens when you follow the tech people out there and you like to try what they’re trying…

Men reading poetry, especially favorite men reading poetry, is definitely most lovely…

MAS in 30 Coins

I almost used the screenshot above as my post’s featured image but since I’d used a screenshot from 30 Coins not that long ago, I chose the other image (from The Envoys). How long will I use Miguel Ángel Silvestre as my featured image? Oh, it feels like a challenge…

I don’t know if I’m ready to work five days a week again. I think we might have another day off later this month. I should check the calendar.

Have a fabulous week, my lovelies!