TWITL – week seventeen – a long short week

Even though it was a short work week (four days), it felt a bit long. It feels like the work on my desk is never ending but it’s just that time of year, I suppose. It’ll calm down in about a month, when school winds down.

see the pattern
still keeping up with the pattern…


  • We went to Target on Friday and it was my first time in there for a couple of years. They’ve changed the layout in there and some things aren’t in the same places but we found what we needed and were out of there before we could do too much damage to the wallet…
  • One of our contractors abruptly departed and on the day she cleared out her stuff, she brought me two Funky Pops– Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. They’re so cute! They joined the other Pops on my desk. Is there such thing as having too many of those on one’s desk?
  • Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day and I got flowers and a lovely card (with a generous gift certificate!). The office had breakfast for us and it was rather yummy. I might not get paid a lot compared to other people but I get to work close to home with good people and good benefits. I am grateful…
  • Yesterday I got to have my long visit to the salon– a haircut! I go to the salon for haircuts twice year, with bang trims in between to keep the cut fresh. It’s always so nice being there. I adore my stylist and spending time with her. She does a great job.
  • Yesterday we also watched our little friend play softball. Gosh, little girls playing softball is certainly entertaining to watch. So cute. The weather was a little windy and cool enough for me to eventually put on my hoodie. A lovely way to spend the afternoon.
  • And seven years ago yesterday, we met Tyler Rich at Ace of Spades in Sacramento. How is it already seven years ago?!


horse on Oak Street
horse and human on Oak Street
breakfast for Administrative Professionals Day
breakfast for Administrative Professionals Day
Administrative Professionals Day
flowers and card for Administrative Professionals Day
sneaky shot with the Lamborghini
sneaking a shot with the Lamborghini that visited the local brewery…
seven years ago with Tyler


Moon Knight [Disney+] – How is this show going to end? The latest episode had a lot going and I can’t wait to see how it all resolves. Oscar Isaac is so damn good in this show. I’m very glad I ending up reading the comic book source that the show draws from…

Halo [Paramount+] – We caught up on this show and I’m digging it. Well, I’m digging most of it. The Kwan character annoys me SO MUCH. I know what they’re trying to do with that character but all her decisions are just all wrong. Not a bit of sense in her and it feels like death follows in her wake because of her bad decisions. And the last shot of her in the latest episode better not happen because she will be utter irredeemable.

Star Trek: Picard [Paramount+] – I love this show but I can’t really explain why. Do I love that Santiago Cabrera has caught my eye? Sure, of course. Am I enjoying the deep look into Picard and his past? Heck yes. Maybe the fact that I watched ST:TNG back in the day has helped me to appreciate this show. I just love it and I’m always looking forward to watching it.

Santiago Cabrera in Picard…

It’s May now and that means my birthday is very soon! (Tuesday, if you’re wondering.) On deck for the month:

  • Country in the Park – We just bought tickets to see Tyler in the middle of May in Sacramento. Hopefully we’re able to say hello to him and get a picture. Oh, and I want to see Sabina too! Fingers crossed that we’ll get a moment with them.
  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – Yes, I plan on seeing this moving opening weekend. I just need to decide which day and what time. It’s happening!

I started the above as a list as if I had more than two things planned for the month but I don’t. Not yet anyway.

So I’ll be older according to the calendar next time I write. Maybe I’ll have more thoughts on that next week. Until then, have a good week, my lovelies.