TWITL – week forty-two – those things unsaid

I think that long ago I used to write my entries with a bit more freedom and less self censorship. I suppose it’s because I don’t really know who might read my posts and I don’t want to offend anyone directly. Or maybe I know I should keep certain things private until it’s time to share. This is why I have a doc file that I use as more a diary or an idea keeper for these posts. Such is life…

my most popular YouTube video

I was looking through my uploaded YouTube videos and the video above has over 8k views! I know that in the world of real YouTubers, that’s a super low number but for me, a non-YouTuber, that’s a lot of freakin’ views! The views have been over the past year plus, but still. How cool is that?!

Of course, this reminds me that I should upload my long videos to YouTube. I have new Tyler videos as well as Sam Hunt…


WRITING – National Novel Writing Month

Not sure what I’m calling the story but the characters are Thiago and Alessandra. Because many of my characters are connected, these characters are connected to last year’s NaNoWriMo, which was slightly connected to the year before’s NaNoWriMo. They’re all connected or related. I could probably write a soap opera or something with a bunch of different characters but my stories are NOT super salacious so there’s that. One character is an art dealer/consultant and the other is a tech reviewer YouTuber type. They meet, they date, they get intimate, and so forth. You know, the usual romance novel. For some reason, I like writing stories where it takes a long time for the characters to say, “I love you,” and so it will be with this story.

love my work desk

It was back to work after fall break this week. I had a long weekend last weekend (SAM HUNT!!!) and this week dragged a little, especially Tuesday. I kept wondering what day it was for some reason. Such a drag. I do like this time of year. Next month we’ll have a day then a week off and then December is winter break. Not sure how much time I’ll take off at that time but I’m probably leaning towards at least a week. Balancing with the time off, I have to prep a lot for the second semester work. Fun times!


So what am I leaving unsaid?

  • The possibility of change.
  • Other people’s concept of friendship.

I wonder if I’ll know what that means in the future. Hmmm…