TWITL – week thirty-nine – Thinkin’ We’re In Love – #TylerRich

We had the best weekend! We went up to Reno to see Tyler Rich play at the Cargo Concert Hall on Friday night and stayed a couple of nights at the Silver Legacy. It was lovely to get away and to experience a great show.

Cargo Concert Hall entrance

We got to Reno in plenty of time to check-in at the hotel and take the short walk to the venue. We found it easily enough then headed back to the hotel for a drink. When it was time, we were back at the Cargo Concert Hall for the early admittance for VIP ticket holders. Yes, we went VIP for this show.

tour poster

The VIP experience meant early entry to the venue, a two song acoustic set with Q&A (though no one asked any questions), a meet and greet laminate, a photo with Tyler, a collectible tour poster, and merchandise shopping before the doors opened for general admission.

the little acoustic set before the show

Tyler took the stage after most of the VIP attendees were inside and when he saw us, he gave us a little extra smile. He sang “11:11” and “Leave Her Wild” for us and answered the one question most people asked (“Yes, Sabina is here”). He said we’d see her in the crowd later bopping around. After the two song set, we were invited to line up for pictures with him. We hung back a little to let others get their turn before joining the line. There wasn’t a huge crowd of us, which gave Tyler time to chat a little. When it was our turn, Tyler greeted us warmly and we took our pictures together.

with Tyler

Robyn Ottolini opened for Tyler and she was FANTASTIC! I watched her show from the back but even back there I could feel and see her energy. She sounded great! And her songs were catchy. I really liked her.

After Robyn’s set, we joined the crowd closer to the stage. We caught sight of Sabina and had to say hello. It was SO GOOD to see her! We took a couple of pictures together and then Tyler started his set.

with Sabina

Tyler’s show was AMAZING. We’ve seen him perform many times over the past seven years (wow, SEVEN YEARS) and I have always enjoyed his shows. He has grown a lot as a performer and this show is definite proof. He sounded great and the guys in the band were fantastic. The whole show was so well put together and I loved it. The venue had the right amount of space and comfort. It was perfect for such an intimate show.

After the show, Tyler stayed after a bit to say hello and take pictures with fans. We found Sabina again and took more pictures together because of better lighting but I think my hand wasn’t too steady with some of the shots.

adore this one
love her!

Towards the end of the line of fans saying good bye, I decided I might as well get in for one last hug and photo with Tyler. It was great to talk a little with him and tell him how fantastic his show was (because man, it was amazing). He was glad to see us and we were glad to be there.

last one with Tyler

Our time in Reno otherwise…

this was a nice view

It was nice being in Reno! The weather was lovely though I wouldn’t have minded it being colder. Our room at the Silver Legacy was decent with a great view so no complaints there. Tyler’s show was on Friday night, so we had all day Saturday to do what we wanted. We ate and drank and were in bed in time to get up super early Sunday and be home before the early NFL games started. Not bad!

he's always so enthusiastic

Last thoughts…

It makes me happy when Tyler and Sabina see us and light up. I do dearly love them and I’m glad for the moments we get to share. Tyler’s shows just keep getting better and better and Sabina is always such a sweetheart. She is the ultimate hype woman and she has a warm and genuine soul. I love that they’re my friends and I love that they consider us theirs.

The only thing we missed was meeting the doggie! Next time?

If you have a chance to check out Tyler’s show, DO IT. Buy that ticket and have yourself a damn good time.

loved this show!