TWITL – week fifty – chillier days are just fine

My holiday photo, I guess

I should probably write my blog during the week because all my thoughts seem to flee from me when I sit here on Sunday nights. I might have to re-think my blog intentions after this year ends. Maybe I won’t post weekly. Maybe I’ll post more than once a week. Or maybe I’ll post just twice a month. Does it matter? Of course, I could be all talk and I’ll stick to the weekly posts because it keeps me to some kind of routine…

me in a green dress

On Wednesday I wore a green dress then sat down for an interview. I thought it went well but two hours later I was informed that I didn’t get the position. I was disappointed for a few reasons. I know that I could have done the job from the secretarial aspect. I have been in my current position for fifteen years and I would have liked learning a different facet of the district. I am disappointed but I’m glad that my current position is one that I enjoy and I adore the people in my department.


We had a holiday dinner at my cousin’s house last night. It was so great to see everyone! My cousin made a Thanksgiving themed dinner and it was DELICIOUS! It’s always great hanging out at their place and it always feels so comfortable and welcoming there. We had a lovely evening and I hope we get together again soon.

pretty sky

The weekends go by so fast and here we are at bed time. Here’s to a short work week!