TWITL – week 4 – mild winter days

The weather had been cold and dry until earlier today (Sunday). I think it’s supposed to be clear again for awhile but still chilly. I really don’t mind the chilly.

a piece from 1888 Design


The Last of Us [HBO] – I’ve never played the game but I’ve been told that the game has enough story to sustain the plot. So far, I’ve enjoyed the episodes we’ve watched. I’m really not one for zombie shows but the monsters in this are beautiful in a super terrifying way. The latest episode, “Long Long Time,” definitely gave a lot of insight into the world of the show…

Poker Face [Peacock] – I’m enjoying this show more than I thought it would. It reminds of shows of yore, back in the day, but with a modern twist. Or maybe just a modern setting. I like how we get to know the guest characters before the murder occurs and Charlie figures things out while telling the wrong people her theories. It’s maddening but entertaining.

Fire Country [CBS] – We end up watching this show in batches and we finally got to Sabina’s first episode! It was so great seeing our friend on tv. Also, this show has all these emotional beats that just make me want to cry sometimes. A good watch, especially in batches…

Devotion [Paramount+] – This was a good movie, one of those quietly good movies. It was sad but uplifting too. I thought it was well done and a good watch…

Shotgun Wedding [Amazon Prime Video] – This one was a little silly but a fun watch. I’m glad we didn’t have to pay to watch it, if that’s any indication of quality. 😉



  • When will I write my next story? I don’t know.
  • This coming week starts my busy time at work and I have so much to do before it turns February 1st.
  • I’ll be the first one in at work starting tomorrow. Another new routine begins…