TWITL – weeks 2 & 3 – chilly winter days

I am enjoying the cooler winter days out this way. The rain is taking a break, it seems, giving the area time to recover. We didn’t have it so badly, thank goodness…

"Getting into Heaven Through the Back Door"


Sky Rojo [Netflix] – The third season dropped last week and I finished it on Monday. SO GOOD. The whole series is so good and I definitely recommend it. I watched it in Spanish with English subtitles. If you don’t speak Spanish, it’s probably the best way to watch it. The English dubbed version rubs me the wrong way because of the voices chosen for some of the characters. The show ended in a good way, story-wise. Go watch it!

The Wandering Earth [Netflix] – We watched this movie the other night. It had gotten such rave reviews so perhaps I was expecting a bit too much. The movie was great on the special effects front but it definitely lacked character development and the story was a bit unbelievable. I enjoy good science fiction but moving the planet from the solar system? The movie was all right. Not sure why it was so hyped…

Death on the Nile – Bought this movie awhile back but we just watched it the other night. So pretty! There were some changes to the story, from what I can remember of the book and the 1978 movie. I enjoyed it very much but I’m an Agatha Christie fan who doesn’t mind watching different adaptations of her work…

Monday brunch

On Monday, I met my workmates for Monday brunch at Monica’s Riverview in Antioch. It was our day off from work but we all like each other enough to see each other outside of office hours. It really is great to work with such a great bunch of ladies. The food was hit and miss for our table; mine was a hit (California Benedict). Good food but even better company…

moonstone ring

My latest piece from 1888 Design arrived this past week. SO PRETTY!!! My first piece of 2023. I’m pretty sure I’ll very likely buy another piece from them before the end of the year…

corn in a cup

We hit the farmers market yesterday. The sun was shining and the air was chilly. The farmers market was bigger than last week with more vendors and more people. I was able to get my first corn in a cup of 2023 and it was everything I wanted it as I drank my mimosa. We checked out the new place, The Lounge, after the wine bar, and the mojito was freakin’ delicious. So good.



  • I wrote a “disconnected” post this week and talked about a fan account I was following on IG. Well, that fan account ended up disappearing soon after. The person behind the account was lamenting about being blocked by the person they were fanning (is that the world) so they started tagging HIS MOTHER, publicly, in posts asking WHY did he block them?! So much wrong done on the part of the “fan.” Not sure if they were “encouraged” to delete their account or if they went away on their own.
  • The 49ers just won their game. WOOHOO!!!
  • Listening to Prince Harry’s book, Spare. It’s very good, probably made better by the fact that he’s reading his own words. I am enjoying the insight into his life and his experiences. It’s a great listen so far and I’m eventually going to get the book to read.
  • My last official day of covering the front desk was this past Wednesday. I’m now the backup to the main person covering. It’ll be weird not having to cover but I still plan on taking my lunch at the same time everyday because I like the consistency of it.
"Gold, Frankincense, and Lead"

After I finished watching Sky Rojo, I went on to do screenshots of Miguel Ángel Silvestre. Of course. Now I wonder which show will be next on the calendar– 30 Coins or The Envoys