TWITL – week 5 – winter sunshine

It’s Sunday night and very close to bedtime and here I sit at my computer desk trying to figure out what to write about the week that has just passed. Let’s go with bullet points since I’d like to be in bed soon.

corn in a cup
so easy for that corn in a cup…
  • We went to the farmers market yesterday (Saturday). So glad to see the vendor that has the corn in the cup. I love that stuff! Next time I might get a croissant at the vendor that set up across the usual place I get my croissants. I drank a fair amount yesterday, starting with a Bacardi and coke with my corn in a cup and ending with another Bacardi and coke for our late lunch/early dinner at Black Angus. Good times.
  • I walked to the library during my lunch break every day this past week. It’s nice to be somewhere else during my work day. I’ve been listening to The Sandman Act III. I’ve enjoyed them all and will be super bummed when I get to the end of this one.
  • My busy time started on Wednesday, February 1st. TRANSFERS! I’m working through them but lo, it’s getting tedious. I don’t mind, honestly. I like the bustle of it all.
  • The weather was nice most of the week. We did get some rain on Friday and then again during the weekend. I had to walk back to work in the rain during my lunchbreak on Friday. Good thing it wasn’t so bad.
  • I’m trying out a new social media site called Spoutible. It’s so new that I got my first name as my username. Huzzah! I feel like I might use it a bit more than the ones I have right now. It’s giving off the early Twitter days vibe. I’m @valerie there. Remember, it’s new and at the moment, a bit slow. Hopefully it’ll get better.
the latest nine
Do you see the pattern?

And that’s all for now. It’s bedtime!