Sunday Rain

Maybe I’ll get back to my TWITL posts. I’m not sure. Maybe I just need to write something every week without being so regimented about it. Maybe.

from my favorite spot at the library

February is my busy month at work and this last one was no exception. Transfers! I always think that I’ll be prepared to be timely with my collecting and logging of the requests but it never works out that way. I end up with different piles of requests at different stages of the review process. Oh well, it’s nice to be busy? We’ll go with that.

Kim’s obituary is up. It was fascinating to read the things I didn’t know about her and smiling at the things I did. I am still so gut-punched by her passing. I am angry and resigned at turns. It’s just not fair but I know she lived her life with adventure in her heart, that she had the love of her family and friends. I hold on to the fleeting moments we shared, the mutual love of the fellas, the decades old chats we had that I actually saved and can read whenever I like. (Yes, I saved our MSN messenger chats and I have 53 pages of words we shared of things silly and mundane.)

I am going to miss so much seeing her posts of her adventures. She really did live her life to the fullest and I only wish she had had more time. I’m so glad that I knew her even if it was just a bit and long ago. I will always think of her with a smile and as the days go on, with less tears too…

My grandmother died on the night of March 10th. She was 96 years old and she died at home after a months long slow decline. Her funeral is March 29th and perhaps I’ll devote a whole post for her sometime before then. Right now I will say that she lived a long life, hopefully filled with more good times than bad. I never knew her to be unhappy and she was always sharp, even when her body started slowing down. I remember that she encouraged my romance reading ways but there are so many things about her life that I don’t know. Nana was always well put together with her hair and makeup and clothes, even at home during the times we visited on those weekends to check up her and my grandfather, Lolo. Her fried chicken ranks among my top favorites. (Would it be wrong to say hers was probably my favorite, just a tiny bit better than my mom’s?)

Nana's Surprise Party
cousin, sister, Nana, cousin, me for Nana’s party for her 80th birthday

Look at my grandmother at almost 80 in that picture above. Stunning! This is how I remember her. Even the last time I saw her (which was several years ago), she was still pretty sharp though her body had definitely slowed down and she was using a cane. I wish I could remember the story she told about my aunt and uncle because it was interesting and something I didn’t know…

new hair style
love the Snapchat filters…

Got my hair cut earlier this week. It was my stylist’s first day back from maternity leave! She always does a great job on my hair and I love how it’s shorter but doesn’t look very short. It feels good and the ends look so much healthier. I’ve only straightened it once so far, so I’m not sure if I like it curly or straight. I’m also growing out my bangs, for now. I loved how it was styled right out of the salon that I took Snapchat filtered pictures of myself for fun, like the above shot. 😉

For the husband’s birthday, we went to the Knicks game in Sacramento a little over a week ago. It was so much fun! Golden 1 Center is such a great arena and in walking distance of the hotel where we stayed. We were in a sea of Kings fans and I was a bit glad that the Kings won because I don’t think their fans would have been as nice to us as they were had the Knicks won instead. Kings fans are great and didn’t gloat at all when telling us it was a great game, which it was.

with Krissy

Before the game started, I saw a woman walking up to head to her seat and I thought, “Wait, that looks like Krissy!” She looked like someone I knew from high school and working at the movie theatre, except to me, she looked like she did the last time I saw her, which was probably almost twenty years ago? I looked her up on FB, saw that she lived in the 916 area code, and thought, “Hmm, that could have been her.” Well, I was right! After the game, we stayed in our area while everyone else was heading to the exits and she saw me and we both laughed and hugged and then chatted for a bit. What are the chances that 1) we’d be at the same game, 2) seated in the same section, 3) recognize each other after so many years? We were meant to see each other, which just warmed my heart. The Fates can be so kind sometimes…

Shadow and Bone season 2

Season 2 of Shadow and Bone is out and I will get to watching it, of course! Until then, somethings we’ve watched or are watching…


Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre – I enjoyed it, thought it was well done and well acted. I seem to like Guy Ritchie movies and I can’t say exactly why. Josh Hartnett was funny in this one and Hugh Grant is still fun to watch.

TÁR – The only thing about this movie that held my interest was the actual music and the talk about music. Otherwise, I found it cold and distant. Cate Blanchett is brilliant but I felt NOTHING from her performance. She did not stir any emotion from me.

The Banshees of Inishiren – Beautifully shot but I wanted to shake some sense into the main characters. I liked hearing the Irish accents, of course. Plot-wise, it seemed more a mood piece of vignettes than anything.

Infinity Pool – Another mood piece of a film. It was fascinating on some level but what was it trying to say? And more importantly, who cares? But I do like watching Alexander Skarsgård and he made it a mostly worthwhile watch.

Star Trek: Picard – I enjoyed the first two seasons of Picard but I can see why people are loving this current and last season. It’s so Star Trek and yet more. It’s meant to be a proper good bye to the Next Generation cast and so far, I am LOVING IT. It is wrong that I just love watching Captain Shaw and his utter contempt for the old Enterprise crew? At first, I thought he was a total ass but as the episodes have gone on, we have been treated to the slow reveal of his character and background. And I love it. The most recent episode revealed a most welcome guest star and by the end of the episode, hearts break all around. I am enjoying this season so much and I am savoring every moment.

The Last of Us – Wow, what a great first season. I’m not one for zombies but this show was so different from what I was expecting and I was so glad that the infected were a different monster altogether. I haven’t played the game at all but I did watch the recaps online where they tie in some of the game play to the how the series presented us with those moments and I have to say, the creators of the show did a fabulous job of incorporating those scenes into the episodes. As someone who knows nothing of the game, I thought it was an excellent show and it probably comes down to Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. Those two are AMAZING.

The Mandalorian – So far, the third season has been good. I’m impatiently waiting for Axe Woves to appear but that’s a “me” thing. Otherwise, I’ve been enjoying the show and I’m glad it’s back.

I’m sure I could say more but honestly, if you’ve gotten this far, aren’t you thinking it was already a bit long and hoping I’m finished already? 😉

on the way home

Tomorrow is the first day of spring but the forecast shows cooler, wintery-like (for us) days ahead. I don’t mind…