TWITL – week 33 – enjoying the moment

the Galaxy Z Flip5
my Galaxy Z Flip5

I have been enjoying my Galaxy Z Flip5. I’m finding that I reach for it more than I do for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The Flip5 is a super fun little phone and if I weren’t so Apple-centric, I wouldn’t mind it as my only mobile. But I am so it’s not. I don’t mind carrying two phones though. I get to play around with different operating systems, which is pretty cool.

Universal Yums - Greece

Next year is our 30th wedding anniversary and to celebrate, we’re going to Dublin, Ireland! I AM SO EXCITED!!! We’ll be there for nine nights. I see lots of days of drinking Guinness and walking the city, along with a few tours to take us out to to see the sights. I do so want to see the countryside. I’ve had many dreams of being in Ireland over the years. I wonder if I will see some of the places in my dreams.

We’re watching videos of places to visit in Ireland (gotta love YouTube!) and I’m keeping notes. We’re not going to fill every day with something to do but we will do some touristy stuff while we’re there. How can we not? The food videos are super interesting and a lot of the different meals I’ve seen looked delicious and hearty. I’m going to take so many pictures of my food when I’m there.

writing a letter

I need to get my creativity in focus and start thinking seriously about the story floating around in my head. It’s there, teasing me, just out of my reach…

I received a FutureMe letter the other day, from three years ago. It was a fascinating read and reminded me that I need to write more of those. I’m glad I had thought to have a letter deliver further into the future. I usually write to myself months to a year from now. Three years is probably the longest time I’ve waited…

Thomas Beaudoin as one of my cover screen animations…

And now it’s time for bed. The weekends go so quickly. It’s rather maddening. A good week to all of you!