TWITL – week 35 – Long Weekend

Finally, it’s September!

After very warm summer days, the temperatures cooled down on Friday, giving us a touch of autumn weather. I could have worn a flannel shirt but I didn’t. I feel like I missed my chance because according to the forecast, we’re going to have warmer days (high 80s/low 90s) for a bit longer. Saturday was cool enough for me to wear a sweatshirt when I went out, so that was nice.

cloudy skies

August is the longest month of the work year for me. We don’t have any holidays or breaks the whole month and it always seems even longer with the hot weather and adjustment to the new school year. I did take a day off (for the Sam Hunt concert) so it wasn’t all work every weekday of August for me. Whew! Still, I am so relieved that it’s now September and the cooler weather on the first day of the month was such a tease but I’ll take it.

before and after
before and after – new hair

I went to the salon on Saturday for a haircut and eyebrow wax. Vanessa, my usual stylist, always does such a great job and I always enjoy seeing her. She gets my hair, which is probably why I’ve been seeing her for the longest time. A decade at least? Time flies!

And I finally got to wear my latest Sam Hunt sweatshirt. Fits nicely and I like it! I remember thinking that I wish it was a darker color when I bought it but now I realize that I have so many black hoodies/sweatshirts that having different colors is a good thing.

happy meal
Happy Meal!

I remember when Happy Meals were like $2.15 or so. They’re more than double that now! And instead of small fries, you get baby fries and apple slices to go along with the hamburger and toy. Hits the spot though, if you’re going for a snack-like “meal.”

that's my stapler
that’s my stapler

So here’s some personal commentary about social media…

I have a HARD time unfollowing people on social media, especially people I know in real life (family/friends). If I don’t want to see their stuff, I’ll just mute them or restrict them. If I don’t want them to see my stuff, too bad for me. My profiles are public and I think it’s rude to block people I know in real life unless we’ve had a serious falling out. And as far as I know, I haven’t had a serious falling out with anyone in the last ten years or so and certainly not with anyone I have a chance to see in my daily life.

So imagine my surprise to find out that someone I know in real life has blocked me from their social media (FB/IG). The very curious thing about this is that I KNOW that I have done NOTHING to this person to warrant such a move. Maybe they thought that I wouldn’t notice. Maybe they thought I’d think it was a “mistake.” Maybe it has nothing to do with me but even if it doesn’t, my “guilt by association” makes no sense because that person didn’t do anything either! Whatever the reason, I’m irritated and a bit offended.

I won’t confront this person. It isn’t worth it to stir up drama. They have their reason for doing what they did and maybe that reason will make its way to me. I know it wasn’t anything I posted on my account or commented on theirs. It’s truly a mystery if one assumes we’re all adults in polite standing. But maybe we’re not in polite standing. I just don’t know. But I’ll get over it.

thinking of future days off


I’m finding myself wanting to listen to something new, something different. Apparently this means OPM (Original Pilipino Music). I’m gravitating towards the pop and R&B songs, which are almost all in Filipino though I have chosen a couple of English language songs. I’m slowly buying the songs that catch my ear from Apple Music OPM playlist. I’ve bought multiple songs from Zack Tabudlo and Arthur Nery. Just today I bought two songs from Al James. I seem to have a harder time finding female artists that I like but I’ll keep listening.


Ahsoka – This show is good but it feels so tailored to the fans of Clone Wars and Rebels. And I only know that because I watch re-cap shows like ScreenCrush and HeavySpoilers. Now I understand why someone might be annoyed with the MCU with all the different threads that are connected but I would argue that you don’t necessarily need to see the other Marvel movies to understand the Guardians of the Galaxy movies (though it helps to have seen Infinity Wars and Endgame before the last GoTG movie). The problem I have with Ahsoka (and once again, I have enjoyed it so far) is that I am not curious enough to know more about the characters to watch two whole animated series about them. The show itself should show me what I need to know and for the most part, I suppose it does. I just know I’m not enjoying it as much as a diehard Rebels fan…

good times
long ago roses

Just realized the date (4 of September) and I was taken back to eighteen years ago and our trip to the east coast. We started off in Georgia then headed up to Maryland. On this day eighteen years ago, we were specifically in the Atlanta area and we were all dressed up. Good times, good times…

crossing the intersection