TWITL – week 38 – FTTB

It’s a good week! I worked three and a half days, taking off on Thursday so that we could go to Levi’s Stadium for the San Francisco 49ers v New York Giants game. It was the home opener and the Thursday Night Football game.

Us in our 49er gear

I wore my 10 Garoppolo jersey and R wore his 69 McGlinchey. It was great seeing all the Niners red, the jerseys and t-shirts showing numbers and names of players former and current. We got there early enough to have a drink or two in the parking lot before heading into the stadium and finding our seats.

great view of the field

We had great seats! We had a fantastic view of the beautiful field and after the sun gave way to shadows, it was nice and cool. The weather was lovely and never got too cold. I enjoyed the game, especially since we could see everything (albeit at a different angle than the tv broadcast) on the field. The crowd around us was enthusiastic and chil; we thankfully didn’t see any kerfuffles or outright rowdiness.

pano view
Levi’s Stadium is dreamy
aww, Alex Smith
Alex Smith was in the house!
Niners win!

We stayed until the very end of the game then checked out the store because I got it into my head to get a new jersey. The defense has been so good and I thought, why not a defensive player’s jersey? I was going to let R choose but it came down to what available sizes they had.

new jersey

Oh, and the Niners won! 30-12 over the Giants. YAH!

2nd Annual Brentwood Craft Brew Festival


Saturday in our City Park was the 2nd Annual Brentwood Craft Brew Festival. It was a warm day and I wore a shirt commemorating the first anniversary of a pub that no longer exists. I felt like I had to represent since it was one of our favorite places to visit back in the day. Lots of beers and ciders were to be had and it was too easy to drink from tasters. I knew when to stop, thank goodness, and I was able to enjoy my early dinner from one of the food trucks that was set just outside of the event.

It’s always good to see folks out and about in town, supporting local businesses and such. This event was 21+, so no little ones running around, which I personally rather liked. I’m sure the parents there were happy to have a few hours away from their kids. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and everyone was pretty chill. Good times!

good crowd
good crowd
we all know each other
one of my favorite food trucks behind me
my favorite food truck behind me

I used the Z Flip5 for the shots from the Brew Fest. I keep thinking I’ll use the Z Flip5 as my “weekend phone” but it really just depends on what we’re doing. When we went to the game on Thursday, I used the phone that I knew would yield the better photos, especially when it turned to evening. The brew fest was during the day so all the photos had a great shot at looking fine. I think they came out nicely. 🙂


One more week then it’s Fall Break for the students out this way! This means two weeks of no school traffic for us at work. For me personally, it means working three days each week because I’m taking some time off, as I usually do during our breaks. I love this time of year, when the weather starts changing while the school breaks and holidays do their slow rollout. Glorious!

love the view
couldn’t resist one more from the stadium…