TWITL – week 41 – end of fall break

Ahhh, here we are at Sunday, the very end of Fall Break. It was a good week between only working three days and another long weekend, albeit just a three day one. (I know, I shouldn’t say “just” when a long weekend is a long weekend and that’s a good thing.)

having fun at Oktoberfest

RUGBY WORLD CUP – The match between Ireland and New Zealand utterly stressed me out. I was on the edge of my seat for the the whole time and what a sigh of relief at the end with that win. I had already decided that I would wear my All Blacks jersey for Oktoberfest and lucky me that they won. Whew! Now onwards to the semi-finals, where the All Blacks with face Argentina, the winner of the earlier match against Wales. I’m cheering for the All Blacks to go all the way!

Oktoberfest 2023

When I was growing up, we did not do any local events like parades or festivals or the county fair or whatever might have been happening in our town or county so when we started going to different happenings here in Brentwood, it felt like such a novelty. Now it’s not a novelty, it’s something fun today within the community.

Yesterday was Oktoberfest 2023 in Brentwood. We went VIP-style, which got us two glasses of beer (him) and two glasses of wine (me), along with hats and pouches. This year, the event was quite spread out and it really worked well. It never felt too crowded or suffocating. There was a fun zone for the kids, a food court for the hungry, vendors for the shoppers, and beer and wine for the drinkers. The main stage had live music at certain points. There was a dachshund walk that was just super adorable. All in all, it was great times.

hello, little one
more doggies!
looking towards the food court
vendors during Oktoberfest
corn in a cup
mmm, wine
lots of people


Loki – Such a good show! The second episode of the second season slowed down a little, which was fine because we needed a little breather after all the frenetic action of the first episode. I loved seeing Loki use a little bit of his magic. It reminded me that he has depth as a character.

The Irrational – We just finished the first episode. Very interesting! Onward to the next episode!

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