TWITL – week 43 – the cooler turn

The weather has finally turned to slightly cooler. I don’t think we can really say “cold” when our highs are in the low 70s. It’s definitely sweater weather in the mornings. Glorious!

happy for sweater weather

RUGBY WORLD CUP – The South Africa Springboks won the Rugby World Cup over the New Zealand All Blacks. It was a hard fought match and both teams played with much grit and determination. The All Blacks had chances to take the lead and maybe even win but it was not in the cards for them. Maybe I don’t understand all the rules of rugby (I definitely don’t) but I won’t ever understand how one yellow card was turned red (All Blacks) and another yellow card stayed yellow (Springboks). Regardless of the officials, the All Blacks had their chances and the Springboks prevailed. As an All Blacks fan, it’s a definitely a bittersweet feeling. I’m glad they made it to the final and I’m disappointed that they didn’t get the win, especially since a lot of the players I’ve watched over the years have likely donned the All Blacks jersey for the last time. Alas.

kinda sad AB fan

Matthew Perry died yesterday.

I was watching a long review of the Pixel 8 Pro when I happened upon a post on Threads that said he had died. I had to pause the video as I tried to process the information. How could he be dead? He’s too young! (Just a couple of years older than me.) I checked online sources and saw that it was being reported at various news sites. It was true and oh, the sorrow that overwhelmed me for a moment.

When Friends originally aired, my cousin and I would get together to watch those Thursday night shows. We were in the same age range as the characters on that show and I remember the laughs and the sitcom moments that were funny and charming and poignant in turns. I didn’t watch the series in its entirety but I’d come in now and again through the years. One of my favorite moments of the show was when Chandler was stuck in the bank lobby with Jill Goodacre (who was already married to Harry Connick Jr at that point). And even though it’s been years since I’ve watched it, I know that I was mildly surprised by how much I liked Fools Rush In.

It is utterly sad that Matthew Perry is gone. His light is still there for us to witness in his work. And from the different tributes I’m reading online, it’s obvious that he left his mark on the people who worked with him, were friends with him, and loved him. For me, his gift was laughter. His legacy is in his work and in the people left behind with fond memories.

May peace find you in next, Matthew Perry. Thank you for your light. You will be missed…


Resigned indifference.

This week I found out something that miffed me. I was surprised, in an unpleasant way, and it took awhile for me to dismiss it to indifference. Part of me was a little sad but it was a moment where I had to realize that nothing lasts. In this case, it was a friendship of over two decades.

I have so much more I could say but I’ll leave that all to my private journal. Even though I shouldn’t care about offending anyone in my own space, it’s just not worth the bandwidth…

green shimmer


Milli Vanilli [Paramount+] – We watched this documentary this week and it was very well done. I thought it was quite balanced and so very interesting. I loved hearing from the singers of the songs, as well as the faces of the group. I knew it would be sad because of Rob Pilantus’ death but it was hopeful too, seeing where Fab Morvan is in his life. The whole story is infuriating too, especially in regards to the producer who concocted the whole thing. How does he not get more of the backlash? Why was his part shrugged off and dismissed? I was glad to watch this and it gave me a better idea of Pilantus and Morvan and their part of the deception. I definitely recommend this, especially if you’re like me and lived through that time in music.

Haunted Mansion [Disney+] – I was actually surprised by how much I liked this movie. I will credit LaKeith Stanfield because he knew how to pull those heartstrings. There were some very cool jump scares and even though it’s been AGES since I’ve been on the ride, I saw elements here and there during the movie. I thought it was very well done and I bet it looked so good on the big screen.

Loki – This show is really so good. I will always love cause and effect/time loops/general mind bending stuff and this show is giving us all of that. The end of the most recent episode was a crazy shock. What will happen next? Does anything happen next?! What will happen at the end of the season. Will there be another season?

Found – Here’s a show with what I consider a limited premise, as far as the show arc is concerned. The mystery of the week works really well, no doubt, but how long can it go on? Does the show operate on a limited timeline? Doe all these cases happen one of top of another so that time passes slower? I am very intrigued on how it’s going to blow up in the main character’s face because it will and then what?

The Irrational – Maybe I just miss “case of the week” shows because I’m enjoying this one. There’s enough room for the characters to grow and it feels like the kind of show that can go on for years. Besides the mystery of the episode, the characters are interesting enough to watch as well.

basic plot

This time next week, I’ll be writing my next novel for National Novel Writing Month. I still don’t know exactly what my main female character does for a living. Yikes! I’ll figure it out by Wednesday. Maybe. Hopefully? The working title of the novel is WHISPERS IN THE NIGHT. This could change if I hear a line from a song that makes sense for the story.

Something else happens on Wednesday but I’ll wait to talk about it in next week’s blog post entry. Wait, do I usually write a blog post during National Novel Writing Month? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Well, I might have to write something next week depending on what happens on Wednesday. 😉

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