TWITL – week 48 – lovely, cooler days

Coming back to work after a week off is just no fun at all. The weather has been lovely though. I LOVE the cooler days. I’m able to wear my new coat and they’re just right for the “cold” weather we get out this way. (It doesn’t really get super cold out this way, which is great.)

I had sole control of the remote for a few days and I didn’t really watch anything until Saturday night. I spent my alone time reading (part of a non-fiction book and all of a romance novel that ended in a damn cliffhanger), doing laundry, taking out the garbage. I ordered too much Door Dash and basically lived a sort of hermit life for those few day. It wasn’t so bad. The romance novel that ended in a cliffhanger pissed me off and I’m still figuring out if I care enough about the characters to pay for the next novel. (The first novel was free.)


Thomas Beaudoin
Thomas Beaudoin in Love’s Last Resort

Love’s Last Resort (Prime Video) – After the disappointment of a romance novel with a cliffhanger, I decided on watching something that had one of my fellas in it. I thought about watching The Spirit of Christmas since Thomas Beaudoin is in it but happened upon another movie he did, Love’s Last Resort. It was a super cutesy romance movie that reminded me of the romance novels I love to read– silly and sweet, adorable with a bit of drama and a bit of humor. I really enjoyed it and Thomas is perfect book boyfriend material. It was a delight watching this one, especially after enduring his other show.

Charles Mesure
Charles Mesure on General Hospital

General Hospital – It has been AGES since I’ve watched any soap opera but when I saw that Charles Mesure made an appearance on GH, well, I just had to check it out. Looks like he’s a mysterious figure and probably a new villain. I don’t know that it’ll make me watch the show but it doesn’t hurt to check out his scenes and do some screenshots of the silver fox version of Charles. As one does.


Apparently I miss writing everyday so much that I’ve started another story. I think this happens more of often than not. I need time away from my November novel (but I still look at it everyday) so I started a different story today (Sunday). It’s just a scene for now. It might not go anywhere but it’s keeping me out of trouble. Maybe.

the little tree at work
the tree on my desk

I don’t normally decorate my workspace for the holidays but now that I have a super sweet workspace, I decided to contribute to the office decorations with a little tree with little ornaments. I went total nerd girl with the Marvel ornaments. Off season, I’ll keep the tree out without the ornaments because how easy is that? So easy!

park squirrel
  • I love my lunchtime walks, especially when I see the squirrels. I had one eye me this week, like I was going to feed them or something. They stopped and looked at me, even skittered a little closer. It was fascinating. I didn’t have anything but I did take a few shots. I don’t know why squirrels in general don’t freak me out.
  • I finished our book club book, The Giver of Stars (Jojo Moyes). I was glad to read something outside of my usual fare but this novel was not to my taste. The end seemed rushed but at least it felt like a HEA.
  • I started reading Omid Scobie’s Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival. It’s been interesting so far. I’m fascinated by all the royalty stuff and the British monarchy is such fodder. I’d probably be labeled Team Sussex, in case you’re wondering.
  • I’m still listening to Patrick Stewart’s Making It So: A Memoir. I’m enjoying it, especially since he’s the one reading it! I’m going to have to pause my listening of it for our next book club reading, which will be an audiobook for me this time.

Weekends never seem to last long enough, do they? And here we are in December. Have a good week, my lovelies!