TWITL – week 49 – sparkly lights and all that stuff

We got home late on Sunday night and I was too lazy/tired to write on Monday so here we are, already into week 50 but must write a few words about last week. This will probably be short.

Friday night was the annual holiday party we’ve been attending for years. This time we were at The Lounge on Oak Street. We were in the back patio, which was perfect for wearing my shawl poncho. The food was delicious and a variety of snack bites and such… For the white elephant, I actually didn’t get a blanket. Instead, I randomly chose the next best thing– candles! No one stole from me, so whew!… I took most of my photos with the Samsung Z Flip 5 and they turned out well enough. I’ll let you be the judge…

fun times

Sunday evening we had Second Thanksgiving with the cousins. As always, good times well spent. I love getting together with them. My contribution was lumpia, which I’m always happy to bring, especially if it makes everyone happy. The food was delicious and the company even better. I felt like I talked a lot this time around, telling stories about the interesting cases that come my way. So it goes.

happy smiles


Charles Mesure

Charles Mesure is on General Hospital! And even though I don’t watch GH anymore (and haven’t in AGES), I couldn’t resist watching Charles’ scenes. I might do random screenshots now and again but I probably won’t get sucked in enough to actually watch the whole show. I will say that it’s a pleasant surprise to see some of the actors who were on when I watched still going strong on the show now. But I’m also struck by the realization of how old they are. Of course, it just means I’m old too. Where has the time gone?

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters – I’m still digging this show even though it’s more a casual thing as opposed to MUST WATCH ONCE THE EPISODE DROPS. Me liking the whole monster thing feels odd and yet here we are.

"El viaje de Salinas"

Los Enviados/The Envoys [Paramount+] – Second season of the hot priests! It feels naughty to say that but come on, between Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Luis Gerardo Méndez, there’s something to love. Of course, I lean towards MAS but we all knew that already, right? We’ve watched the first episode so far and I’m already hooked! Of course. I mean, come on… I realized that I hadn’t done all my screenshots for the first season so I need to do those before I can start doing screenshots for season two. Ever the fangirl…

Community – I remember watching part of the first season but not even sure if I ever finished it. The hubby is binge watching it and damn, the show is irreverent and hilarious.


Nova Vita
the Muse

I’m about 6k words into a new story (same Muse for some reason) and my main characters don’t have names yet! How is that even possible? It’s interesting writing without character names but I’m getting to the point where I should probably figure out what they’re called. I might be close with the female character but not so much with the male character. Hopefully I figure it out before I get to 10k words.

office decorations

Just two more days of work for me this week! Yes, I’ll have more pictures to post next week. Just watch me! 😉