TWITL – week 2 – felt a bit dragged

TUESDAY – 9 January

I’m thinking maybe I need a new format for my blog. Maybe not post daily but perhaps write something randomly and do a wrap up at the end of the week. If I write during the week, then I might not have as much to do at the end of the week besides some short musings or the like. Let’s try it this week.

I did screenshots before bed last night of a Canadian show called STAT because Thomas Beaudoin, my new Muse apparently, made an appearance and of course I just had to have a gander. I was just going to skim to his scenes, do the screenshots, then go along my merry way. When I saw French subtitles, I frowned a little because the words were getting in the way of the screenshots. At this point, I popped on my AirPods and turned up the audio to find that Docteur Davis, his character, was speaking French AND English, which meant the French subtitles were for the folks who don’t understand English. Neat!

Thomas Beaudoin

I must say, the fact that he can go from English to French so smoothly was just lovely to hear. I was quite happy to watch his scenes even if I had no idea what was going. Actually, I figured out the gist of it from the English bits but the whole thing was still chaos to me because I think the show is a bit on the soap opera side and the episode seemed to start in the middle of the action. Anyhoo, he looked rather nice all scruffy while wearing military BDUs. Way to hit my fangirl buttons, whew!

Thomas Beaudoin

Adan Canto died yesterday. I remember him best on his turn in the show The Following and I will always remember thinking how much he reminded me of “my” Kevin Smith (“Ares” on Xena and Hercules). I didn’t follow his career very closely but I saw his work over the years and figured he’d appear in something I was watching sooner or later. Alas, it will not be.

Journey well into the next, Adan…

Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Tonight’s episode was another good one! It was lovely seeing Timothy Omundson as Hephaestus and I will always have a soft spot for the character of Ares because of the aforementioned Kevin Smith. Adam Copeland’s turn as the god of war was a joy to watch. I am very seriously enjoying this show.

WEDNESDAY – 10 January

waiting for the rain

We had a bit of rain today. Nothing too serious.

Since I’ve upgraded my webhost, I feel like I need to update this website. Maybe I should revive Moonlit Jazz, which has been languishing in its current state for… over 8 years. Eight years?! In its last iteration, it was the place where I dropped my daily photos for Project 365. I now do Project 365 at my secondary Instagram (@vasiakiari). Now it just sits as it has since 2015.

Back to this place though, I’m using a different theme but I think it’s a work in progress at this point. Maybe I’ll keep hunting around for more inspirational themes. We’ll see if I settle on anything for more than a day.

THURSDAY – 11 January

Oh, Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is streaming on Amazon Prime! I already own XWP on iTunes (and DVD!) but I never did pony up the money for HTLJ. Now when I’m feeling nostalgic, I can head to Amazon Prime to watch either of those two shows. Oh, and do screenshots. For some reason, I felt like doing screenshots of Hades, as played by Erik Thomson. I marvel how back in the late 90s, it took FOREVER to do screenshots. Now it’s just minutes, depending on how many scenes my subject is in. It’s wild!

Erik Thomson
from the Xena: Warrior Princess episode, “Adventures in the Sin Trade”

I should do a re-watch of both HTLJ and XWP. I’ll have to compartmentalize myself a bit and forget about how the one playing Hercules didn’t turn out so well and just enjoy the episodes. XWP will be easier to re-watch because it was always the stronger show to me, in terms of characters and plots, though Michael Hurst (Iolaus) did make me cry in an episode of HTLJ. Just doing these screenshots brushed aside the veil of time to remind me of how it felt when the shows first aired.

Erik Thomson
from the Hercules: The Legendary Journey episode, “The Other Side”

Honestly, soon after I started watching the shows, I found that I gravitated towards the guest stars, especially Erik Thomson and the late Kevin Smith, who played Ares. They were the reason I watched. They were the reason I started chatting online with like minded fans. They were the reason I started my website. They are part of the me that is Kiari. I made lifelong friends because of the show, the conventions, the mutual love for the guest stars. And I will ever be grateful…

FRIDAY – 12 January

It’s finally the weekend! Yes, it’s Friday evening and I have three whole days without work. Good times! Don’t have any real plans. Maybe I’ll clean. Maybe I’ll do some laundry. Maybe I’ll take lots of naps. We shall see!

wearing my favorite vest jacket
wearing my favorite vest jacket

Since I was feeling nostalgic after doing those screenshots, I pulled out my Hercules/Xena crew vest jacket. I always LOVE wearing this vest jacket, as I’m sure I’ve said plenty of times here. I love all the pockets. I love all the details. I love that it crossed space and time to become mine. And I love that Chris Conrad sent it to me. I still marvel at that last point. So very sweet of him. It makes me smile to wear it.

SUNDAY – 14 January

"Mi nombre es Legión"
Luis Gerardo Méndez y Miguel Ángel Silvestre en la primera temporada de Los Enviados

Los Enviados/The Envoys – We binge watched the second season today. I liked it! I might have liked it better than the first season. The nun had a bigger part and she was a delight. The ending felt a little as if they’d be back in the little town. The Brotherhood seemed to be unfinished business. I’d love another season of the two priests and the nun…

30 Monedas/30 Coins – We started another Miguel Ángel Silvestre show. Second season again. The first few episodes were a bit heavy on the monster-like imagery. Effectively creepy, especially if you’re religious in the Catholic way. It’s an adjustment going from Simón Antequera (Los Enviados) to Paco (30 Monedas). Despite being played by Miguel Ángel Silvestre, the two characters are so very different…

"Guerra Santa"
Miguel Ángel Silvestre en la primera temporado de 30 Monedas

And that’s week number two of 2024 in the books! Time for bed…