TWITL – week 4 – reminiscing moods

MONDAY – 22 January

We start with a dream.

I dreamt that I was in a mall or event center and tech reviewers I follow were there. I spotted two and tried to wrangle picture with just the two of them but somehow it turned into a group thing and I wasn’t even standing next to both of them. The picture was taken and I tried again to take a picture with just the two but it never happened. Darn it!

I often dream about being in some kind of mall or event center or festivity that’s huge in scope and travels in some kind of circle. I bet there’s a reason for that but I haven’t quite figured it out yet and I haven’t looked it up. What does it mean to dream of being in a place where you’re basically walking in a huge circle trying to find someone or something you want or need?

L'origine du mal
Thomas Beaudoin in Top Dogs…

Yes, I did more screenshots of Top Dog because Thomas Beaudoin. I’m almost done with the show and maybe I’ll go back and actually watch it even though I definitely do not understand 99% of the words coming out of their mouths. I don’t mind though. Part of the learning of things.

WEDNESDAY – 24 January

Today started off dark and dreary. Now it’s just gray and dreary. I don’t mind very much. I like the cooler weather. The rain is fine by me as long as I’m not in it– driving or otherwise. Besides, we need the rain!

Twenty-five years ago I got to take a picture with Dean O’Gorman, Ryan Gosling, and Joel Tobeck. I figure it warranted its own post so if you want to read it, click on that link at the beginning of this paragraph. When I saw that the group shot is one of my most favorite photos with me in it, I am not exaggerating. I love that photo and I’m so glad to show it off and tell its story every chance I get. And today is that day, hence its own entry. And since I can’t resist, here’s the photo again:

with Dean O'Gorman, Ryan Gosling, and Joel Tobeck
Dean, me, Ryan, Joel

Happy Birthday to William Gregory Lee! I wish I had Greg’s number so I could randomly text him with my bday wishes. If we ever reconnect, I’m asking for his number. We’re supposed to be friends, after all. We met over two decades ago! (Seriously, how has it been that long?!)

THURSDAY – 25 January

I finished listening to John Scalzi’s Starter Villain last night. I loved it! I found it utterly delightful and I laughed out loud so many times. I think this might be my first listening to Wil Wheaton narrate a fictional book (I have one of his own books on audio) and he does a fantastic job. I’ve enjoyed all the Scalzi books I’ve read/listened to so far and this one was a good one. I’d definitely recommend it. It’s fun!

As I was finishing Starter Villain, my Libby alerted me that my next book was ready to check out — Rick Riordan’s The Chalice of the Gods. Of course, I went right into reading that after I finished Starter Villain ended. It feels like ages since I read a proper Percy Jackson book and having the show on the air reminded me how much I enjoy that world. I laughed at how startled I was that Percy is still in high school at the beginning of the book. I feel like he should already be in college but time is different when it comes to books. Can’t wait to see what the gods have in store for Percy in this one…

Top Dogs – Fine, I only “watched” this show because of Thomas Beaudoin. I couldn’t understand a word of it (it’s French Canadian) but I got the gist of some of the broader things happening. Maybe I’ll go back and watch it with more attention instead of just skimming to Thomas’ scenes. His character goes through some things through the three seasons. The episodes are short and easy to watch. I had to turn on my VPN and pretend I was in Montreal or Toronto to watch online. So there’s that.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians – I am very much enjoying this show. This week we got to see the Underworld and this iteration of Hades. I have a soft spot for Hades and the Underworld that stems from the Herc/Xena days so it was interesting to see this show’s version of both the place and the character. I liked it!… As for the show, it’s been ages since I’ve read the first Percy Jackson books but this show definitely feels like the books did, hence my enjoyment. I’m a bit of a sucker for weaving mythological stuff with the real world. The whimsy of it is such fun.

FRIDAY – 26 January

Here we are at the end of the week! It’s a bit before 0700 hrs and yes, I’m already online. And I might not write again until later today so here’s a shot from yesterday:

working hard
me at work

SUNDAY – 28 January

corn in a cup
corn in a “cup”

We went to the Farmers Market yesterday! First visit of 2024. The weather was lovely and dry and chilly enough for long sleeves and the vest jacket. Love going out in my vest jacket because of all the pockets, which means me not needing to bring a purse. Yes to pockets!

Saturday look
vest jacket and hat for farmers market

We did a little day drinking as well while out Saturday afternoon. I had a cider, a mimosa, and a cider. I also had my requisite corn in a cup and then nachos at our second stop. Love these kinds of Saturdays…

The Niners are down at halftime. Not good times at all.


“No For Now” (working title, which I don’t really like but it’ll do for now) – I think I FINALLY have the character names but they still haven’t settled in my head yet. The next block was their occupations and for some reason, I went with a job that I had used for a previous character, which led to me re-reading that particular story. My records show that I wrote the story in 2008 and some of the details show. I mention Blackberries and digital cameras and iPods. It’s wild. The story isn’t so bad. I was in my CSI stage for that one.

This current story started with a scene (as most of my stories do) and now I’m trying to work around the details of that scene. I’d like to write it and be done and not save it for November. We’ll see how it goes…

My busy time at work begins later this week. Oh boy, here we go…