disconnected – just stop

You know how you keep in contact with people from your life via social media? Sometimes they are people who are good friends. Sometimes they are people you were friendly with back in the day. Sometimes they’re just people you once knew and your interaction is on social media now because that’s the way of the world.

I posted a filtered selfie on my IG story the other day and a co-worker from my movie theatre days commented on it.

i found this reply... backhanded

This particular person has commented here and there on my IG stories (so via DM) and I often ignore the ones regarding my use of filters on my selfies. I’m not sure why they keeping commenting about me using filters and I’m sure at one point I replied back that I like using them for myself. Maybe I even took it as a sort of compliment but this time, I was annoyed AF. I was annoyed AF enough to take it to Spoutible to vent and the ones who commented were very supportive about my perspective on the whole thing.

Why does it bother me? Let’s do this bullet style:

  • I like using the filters on my selfies sometimes because I think they make me look cute and since I don’t wear a lot of makeup, the filters make it seem as though I do.
  • I’m not trolling for attention and really don’t give a rat’s ass about someone’s opinion on my use of filters.
  • This person and I are not “friends” like that. I don’t actively encourage that kind of interaction with them yet they feel the need to comment every time I use a filter on my selfies. WTF is that all about?
  • Comments like the one above are NOT compliments, especially when it has happened more than once. It’s creepy and unwelcome. After responding the first couple of times, I have now taken to ignoring these comments.

Part of me wants to respond and tell this person that I do not appreciate their comments as it’s none of their damn business if I use filters on my selfies. They should keep those comments to themselves as I am certainly not posting the selfies for their benefit. I’m posting them for myself.

Fridays are for flannel and the Herc/Xena vest jacket

I didn’t respond to this comment. I let it go, as I’ve done before. I let it go but I wanted to document it here to remind myself that maybe next time I won’t just let it go.

Maybe next time I’ll say something.

But I probably won’t.

this is wild