TWITL – week 5 – when it turns stormy

MONDAY – 29 January

Oh, Charles Mesure is set to appear again on General Hospital! I wonder if he’ll stick around a bit longer than the last time. It felt like his storyline was a bit hurried. It’ll be nice to see him again on that show, even if I don’t watch it. 😉

HR just send the COVID-19 letter to everyone at the office. This is the second letter in as many weeks. I’m so glad I keep my window open and that we are very spaced out here in our building.

I posted about it to Bluesky and some jackass replied with nonsense, ending with “fear is the mind killer.” WTF. What is wrong with people? I blocked the account because I just don’t want that kind of nonsense in my feed. I just do not understand why people go out of their way to be @$$holes. I won’t even go into the fact that vaccines are good and guard people against all things, including DEATH.

TUESDAY – 30 January

Do you know there are adults out there who don’t know how to properly address an envelope? One of my friends just told our chat a little ditty about someone in the office who put the recipient’s address in the return address space. I don’t see such things in my line of work– education–. I can’t remember when I learned how to properly address an envelope but even if I wasn’t explicitly taught, there’s the fact that we all get mail and it’s always formatted the same way. How does one go through life and get a job and NOT know how to format the envelope to mail out?!

THURSDAY – 1 February

Here we are at the first of February. My busy time of the year begins today with open enrollment for intra-district transfer requests. This is the time of year where I must draw constantly on my well of patience and remember that even though I might be saying something for the umpteenth time that day, the person hearing it will have only heard it once. Wish me luck!

Charles Mesure
Charles Mesure on General Hospital

Charles looks like he’s having such fun playing John Brennan on General Hospital. He’s charming and snarky with that devilish twinkle in his eyes when he smiles. The expression easily turns when he’s serious and what a delight it is to watch. I skipped to his scenes to do some screenshots but I watched his scenes too because how could I not?

OMG, we’re going to see the All Blacks!!!

One of the things you must know about me is that I’m a rugby fan. I’m specifically a fan of the New Zealand All Blacks. Super Rugby is one of my favorite things to watch and I shook my fist at the heavens when ESPN+ stopped carrying the games. When I watch the Rugby World Cup, I cheer for the All Blacks. When I watch the Rugby Championship, I cheer for the All Blacks. When I watch Super Rugby, I cheer for the Crusaders first, then any of the other NZ teams when they’re playing teams from the other countries. I get chills when I watch the All Blacks do the haka.

So when R said, “Guess where we’re gonna be July 19th,” I should have had a clue. I had just read yesterday about the All Blacks coming out the US. When I looked at the email he forwarded, I had to keep from giving a big WOOHOO because I was at work. 😀


I am so excited!!! Which All Blacks jersey do I wear? It’s almost a bummer this match is in the summer because I don’t get to bust out my jacket, scarf, and beanie. I’ll probably end up wearing my most recent AB jersey, the one for the RWC 2023. We’re all booked with tickets, flight, and hotel. It’s happening. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

I’m listening to the Absolute OPM playlist on Apple Music and it kinda kills me when I like a song enough to want to add it to my personal collection by buying it but oh, sorry, not available in the US store. Darn it! I want to support these Filipino artists with my American money but alas, nope. I suppose streaming the songs is supposed to be enough? I really don’t know why I keep gravitating towards the Filipino pop. Maybe I just miss listening to pop music and the modern OPM is altogether new and comforting…

SATURDAY – 3 February

Argylle was a fun movie!
I saw Argylle!

Argylle – I arrived at the movie theatre and the doors weren’t open yet. Love going to the first showings. I skipped the concessions stand once inside and headed to my seat in the Dolby Cinema auditorium. I had the whole row to myself until about twenty minutes into the movie when someone sat two seats away from me. Really?! Come on! Otherwise good times!

What can I say about the movie itself without spoiling much? First off, I knew better than to expect certain things from the little clues in the trailers and I was rewarded for this mindset. Second, I cannot recall one scene where the lighting was so dark that I couldn’t see anything. MIRACLES! Third, the movie was fun and funny and adventuresome and twisty. I think I must count Matthew Vaughn as one of my favorite directors since I seem to enjoy most of his movies. (Stardust will always be my favorite of his.) I definitely recommend Argylle. The over two hours go by in fun fashion.

Bryce Dallas Howard was winsome, Sam Rockwell was as amazing as always. Bryan Cranston and Catherine O’Hara played their roles perfectly.

And Henry Cavill was freakin’ adorable.

SUNDAY – 4 February

It’s been raining and gusting out there today. Good thing we stayed in. Hoping it calms down out there and doesn’t cause too much chaos. I’ve already seen a picture of one of the trees at the library fallen over. Ye gods!

my favorite kicks


Hate Notes – I’m actually listening to the audiobook. It must have been free because it’s the first romance novel I’ve gotten as an audiobook. I should have listened to the narration before clicking “buy,” free or not, because the female narrator is annoying the hell out of me. The story is all right so far and the male narrator isn’t so bad but it really takes me out of it whenever the female narrator is up, especially when she reads dialogue for the male characters. She lowers her voice but it sounds like a damn joke and it’s really pushing up against my patience. I just want to finish the thing because I want to know what happens to the characters.

Open Book: A Memoir – Jessica Simpson – I’m reading this one on a recommendation. I’m reading it on my lunch breaks so it’s been slow going. It’s been very interesting so far. I wonder if I would have enjoyed this one more as an audiobook. I’m almost halfway through. She’s still married to Nick Lachey. Maybe I should try and finish it this week.

empty stairway

We have a full week of work then two four day work weeks. Or, as I like to think of them, two three day weekends. And it works out that we have the day after the Super Bowl off. Sweet! Will we be happy or sad in a week? We shall see.

Here’s to a good week, one and all! Keep warm, stay safe, find that bit of beauty at least once a day. 😀