TWITL – week 6 – rainy start then sunshine

MONDAY – 5 February

Has the storm passed? It sounds a bit wet out there but the rain has stopped and the wind has died down. The weekend weather was pretty wild! It’ll be interesting to see what damage it wreaked or if it’s all been cleaned up already. I saw a picture of a tree that fell in front of the library. No body was hurt, thank goodness.

rainy morning

One full week of work. We can get through it. We will get through it. I already know I have a lot of emails to go through when I get to work. I need to write down my tasks during these times so that I don’t forget to do the things I must do. It’s easy to get caught up in the stuff that must be done but some prioritizing does need to happen sometimes. As is the case here.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians – I neglected to talk about the season ender of this FANTASTIC show. It had better come back because I WANT MORE! The show is excellent and okay, it’s about kids but all the Greek mythology weaving through it just makes me so happy. I really loved the books (obviously read them as an adult) and the show has done such a fantastic job of bringing the characters and the stories to life. They must give us more. How can they not bring us more? Also, go watch the show. So well done.

Argylle – I knew it was a good idea to NOT read any reviews before seeing the movie. I read something about the “twist” and then skimmed through a few comments. The article was not positive and the comments didn’t really sound like they were from people who actually watched the movie. I’m telling you, the movie was a fun ride. Was it ridiculous? Of course! Was if funny? So much so. Does it deserve the bad box office return and the negative reviews? Nope, not at all. I’d love to see it again. I really enjoyed it.

TUESDAY – 6 February

Toby Keith died. I was shocked when I read about it, then a little sad. When I really started listening to country music (mid/late 90s), he was one of the big stars and he had some fun songs in those early days. I enjoyed his music for a long time and then didn’t listen much to him in later years. I prefer his fun songs and don’t really care for the ones that lean on the patriotic side in an angry fashion.

I get that people probably paint him a certain way in this day and age but I still think of him fondly for the songs of his that I do still love. When he sang those drinking songs or songs with stories, he had a way of delivering the words in memorable fashion. If people only want to remember the “bad” stuff about him, that’s their prerogative. He was singer and songwriter and I bet he’s got a song in his catalog that you’d like if you give it a chance…

Thomas Beaudoin won for Best Male Actor at the Central Coast International Film Festival for his role in a short film called Secrets Not Buried. Why do I know such a thing? Oh yes, because I’m claiming Thomas as my latest book boyfriend, which means I’m following his work. And no, I’m not going to pretend that his good looks weren’t the first thing to catch my attention. You all know me better than that, right? (Well, you should, my lovelies.) Gosh, I have a type when it comes to my book boyfriends, eh?

Anyhoo, I saw that Thomas had won Best Actor and I added the post to my IG story (as one does when trying to show the love and perhaps catch the attention of the book boyfriend) because I was happy for him. I remembered to check on the people who looked at that particular IG story and lo, guess who cast a glance? You knew before I said anything, didn’t you?

Sometimes it happens
Sometimes it happens and yes, I screenshot it…

WEDNESDAY – 7 February

I finished that audiobook yesterday evening and I’m so relieved! I really did not like the female narrator’s voice when doing dialogue and even the male one started to irritate me towards the end. The story itself was all right but I think I should stick to reading romance novels as opposed to listening to them.

THURSDAY – 8 February

Was it forward of me to DM Chris to ask if he’s going to the All Blacks v Fiji match? When I wrote out my message, I was a little nervous but figured I just had to ask because I know he’s a big rugby fan. And lo, HE REPLIED!!!

I saw that I had a notification on Twitter (yeah, I still call it that and yeah, I still have it) and when I opened the app, I saw that I had a DM. I opened it and there was a message from Chris. I think I let out a little squeak, as one does, and then calmed myself and read his message. He just found out about the match and he had gone to the one in Chicago so he was pretty sure he was going to go with his rugby friends to San Diego. He said that he’ll keep me updated.

This just makes me smile
This particular screenshot makes me smile…

I’m trying to be cool and whatevs about this but nope, can’t do it. He read my message, must still find me to be not too crazy, and wrote back to tell me that he was probably going and he’d keep me updated. Fangirl me is super super excited!!! I hope we really do get to meet up. It’ll rock!

my Sunday look
my Sunday look [camera: Leica Sofort 2]

Super Bowl LVIII – Well, that didn’t go the way I had hoped. The result is exactly why I don’t like going into such a game thinking, “Oh, my team is going to win!” Maybe it’s a way of keeping myself from being too heartbroken but it didn’t really work. I was VERY DISAPPOINTED by the 49ers loss and I really don’t want to hear excuses or blame or anything else. It’s done. The Niners and the Chiefs played a good game and maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I didn’t care so much. It sucks to lose but what a season they had…

the new camera and the first print
Leica Sofort 2 and the first shot

Leica Sofort 2 – Got my new camera! It arrived on Friday and the film arrived on Saturday. It’s super cute! I’m digging it. I experimented with the printing, starting with photos taken by the camera as well as shots taken by my phone. I can only pair the camera with one device so I paired it with my iPhone. Of course, the photos taken by the iPhone printed very nicely. The photos taken by the camera print nicely enough but the digital versions aren’t as nice, of course. Still, it’s pretty cool!

Shots from the Leica Sofort 2:

the first shot I printed from my Leica Sofort 2
the view at the ranch
the view at dusk
hopeful before the Super Bowl

I’m so glad we had Monday off from work. Now four days of work and another three day weekend ahead. Here we go!