TWITL – week 14 – after spring break

Tuesday – 02 April

Yesterday was the first day of the 4th quarter and first day back from spring break. I had a lot of emails to go through! I didn’t have a lot of voicemails, which was surprising. Or maybe not. I was glad for the end of the work day and after eating dinner, I ended up “resting my eyes” long enough to wake up and go to bed. Guess I was tired.

Let’s see how today goes. It’s a minute until my usual time to start my routine of getting ready for work. Wish me luck!

view from the second floor of the library

Thursday – 04 April

I liked the way my post on Ireland worked out. Writing then later adding the pictures worked for me. Maybe I’ll do that with my TWITL posts. Write (not everyday, apparently) then add random photos from that particular day. What do you think?

Friday – 05 April

Yes to Friday! I think I would have been tired this week even without having gone to Ireland but not this tired. I have felt so dragged at the end of every day this work week. I’m so glad it’s Friday!

The weather turned cold and gloomy and rainy yesterday and I think I loved it. It reminded me of Ireland! (Except it never hailed in Ireland while we were there.) I didn’t mind the rain and having to walk through it for a couple of minutes yesterday. It wasn’t a big deal. Gave me a good reason to wear a sweater yesterday.

Workmates and I went out to lunch yesterday to celebrate a birthday. I ate all my food! I must have been hungry. CreAsian always hits a spot for me.

sooo good
wearing Irish gear

It’s been awhile since I’ve really talked about baseball. Before I made this my blogging place, I used my other domain ( as my blog and I used to talk baseball all the time. I’d post that day’s game stats plus my thoughts on the game, if I happened to watch it or listen along. I’ve been a fan of the Oakland Athletics since I was a teenager and when Mark Mulder was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals, I became a Cardinals fan (much to the delight of the husband). I counted myself an A’s fan first then Cardinals. If they ever matched up in the World Series, I was going to cheer for the A’s, of course.

A's v Giants
2005 – now he’s the manager of the A’s!

I was born in Oakland and spent the first few months of my life there before we moved to Alameda. When I was going to start second grade, we moved to San Leandro. My aunt used to watch baseball all the time and I scoffed a little about it because I was all about football and the Niners. But sometime in high school, I fell hard for baseball and the Oakland Athletics. It was the time of the Bash Brothers and the A’s were exciting. My cousin, friends, and my sister and I would go to the games, just us, and we had a blast. I love baseball and I loved the A’s because they were from my part of the Bay Area, the East Bay. (I was and still am mostly indifferent to the Giants and the best I can say about them is that I LOVE their stadium. I don’t mind if they win, as long as it isn’t against the A’s or Cardinals.) The A’s were my team and I loved their “small market” ways and when they were winning, it was so exhilarating.

The banner outside
from August 2006

We went to a lot of games over the years and I can even remember some of them but in the last decade, we’ve been lucky to go to one game a season. And I was fine with that. My love for baseball is constant but my attention not so much. And the A’s couldn’t seem to keep the players that caught my eye and it’s been a constant turnaround with them.

I never thought they’d really leave. When the talk about it started, I blamed the city of Oakland. But as I read more and watched more, I realized that it was the team owner making all the wrong moves. The team might be rooted in Oakland but the owner is rooted in the almighty dollar. I still blame Oakland (49%) for not doing more but the A’s owner gets 51% of the blame. It’s him for sure but does Oakland even deserve a team at this point? They lost the Raiders (not a big deal to me but…) and the Warriors. Now it’s the A’s departing.

A's vs Rangers

This is the last season of Athletics baseball in Oakland. After this season, they’ll be a Triple-A team in Sacramento. Wait, I mean they’re going to be playing in a Triple-A facility. It’ll be at least three years there. Maybe, if Las Vegas doesn’t happen, Sacramento will become their new home. Maybe this is Sacramento’s chance to say, “Hey, we can totally accommodate a Major League Baseball team. Come, make your baseball home here.” Maybe I won’t be so heartbroken if the A’s end up in Sacramento permanently. At least they’d be in a place that’s a drive away as opposed to a plane flight away.

(And now I’m wondering what will happen if the A’s somehow reach the post season and the World Series while calling Sacramento home. Will forces be at work to make sure that doesn’t happen? Is that why the team sucks right now? Curious.)

Right now, though, I am SO INFURIATED by the whole thing. It feels like an utter betrayal and my baseball heart is breaking. I don’t blame the team, the players, the people who work for them. I blame the owner and Oakland. Maybe I’m angry at MLB too, for letting their greed dictate this move. I am sad for the team. I am sad for the players. And I am so sad for us, the fans. My love was constant even if my attention was not and now that love is being tested.


I love baseball. But do I still love the A’s? Or will I focus all my baseball love on the St. Louis Cardinals? Stay tuned!

Sunday – 07 April

Here we are at Sunday already. We visited my parent yesterday and I was able to give them some stuff we picked up in Ireland. I used to complain about the weather in San Leandro and how cold it is in my parents’ house but nowadays, I don’t mind the bit of chill at all. The weather is going to change much too soon if the forecast is to be trusted.

the melting remnants of snow on Mt. Diablo

The drive through Vasco was so green. The hills are still green, probably because of the chill and recent rain. I love seeing all that green. It reminds me of Ireland. It also makes me appreciate the natural beauty here.

seen while on Vasco
as seen on Vasco
In N Out burgers
burgers from In-N-Out
  • Bought tickets to see Tyler at the Hard Rock Sacramento in July. It feels like it’s been so long since we’ve seen him. It’ll be great to see him and catch up with some of the Rich’s Bi$ches. 😉 Hopefully we get to say hey to Tyler.
  • Sam Hunt has a new EP out, Locked Up. Listening to it right now.
  • We’re going to the A’s v Cardinals game the day after our anniversary (which is what led to me writing the baseball stuff earlier in this post). I thought about wearing my Cardinals jersey for the game but I’m going to wear my A’s jersey. It could very well likely be our last time going to an Oakland Athletics game. We shall see…