TWITL – week 17 – a four day work week

I started the week with a day off from work on Monday. Glorious! I went to the movies then had a quick appointment at the salon.

let's go to the movies

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare – I went to the first showing on Monday, which is apparently a good time to see older people out and about at the theatre. I had purchased my ticket ahead of time (a week or so?) and as I got to my row, I saw that there were four people near my seat. I checked the numbers as I walked the row and realized that one of the four people was sitting in my seat. Oi! They asked if they were in my seat and I said, “I am K14.” The one sitting in my spot said that they had moved because her seat wasn’t working. I said something about how I had bought my ticket ahead of time. They were good natured about moving but I was a little annoyed because I could tell that they expected me to not sit in my purchased seat. It was a good thing they moved because the other people who had bought tickets for the other seats arrived soon after. I did them a favor!… As for the movie, I very much enjoyed it! I thought it was well done. Of course, I loved Henry Cavill in it. He looked like he was having a good time. The rest of the case was fantastic as well.

coming soon
me and The Fall Guy

I couldn’t resist a selfie with the poster for The Fall Guy. I have a date to see Ryan Gosling on my birthday. Super sweet! I’ll be sitting in the same auditorium and in the same seat.

flowers for Administrative Professionals Day

Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day. My department got me flowers and an Amazon gift card. So lovely! I appreciate the appreciation and I am so very lucky to be working with this current crew. We all work well together and it’s truly a gift.

Graduates of Distinction
2024 Graduates of Distinction

On Friday our district celebrated the latest class of Graduates of Distinction. I went to the closing reception, as I did for the last one, and it was a great gathering. I think it’s really a wonderful thing to highlight graduates who have had an impact on the community and careers. They toured the schools and talked with the students, then ended the day with their families and our staff for some bites and more words.

so good

After the reception, I headed to The Lounge for a couple of drinks. I had a rum and coke, the second one with a bit of lemon, which was rather nice.

drink to start the weekend

Rebel Moon (Part One: A Child of Fire and Part Two: The Scargiver) – We watched the two movies this weekend. I thought they were both a decent watch but I can understand the criticisms. The movies certainly looked good but the plot was easy to guess though there were a couple of surprises. Well, maybe one. I thought a couple of the deaths were a bit of a waste but I was very happy with the villain’s end. I suppose if another movie comes out, we’ll watch it. I do wonder how they deal with that bit of a cliffhanger…

Something I had to post to my Threads on Friday:

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I thought it was the funniest thing when I was back at my seat at the bar. Of course, I was on my second rum and coke. 😉

the squirrels always spot me

I have a four day work week ahead because I’m taking May 3rd off to see The Fall Guy! I always try to take my birthday off for whatever big movie might be opening on that day. Hoping this movie is a good one…